"I can only recommend Blum"

3 minutes

Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

His creations are true works of art: Dutch Michelin star chef Roger van Damme plays with colours, geometries and tastes like no other. We spent the day with the head chef of "Het Gebaar", a Michelin star restaurant in Antwerp, in a show kitchen from Blum's Belgian partner Van Hoecke.


Belgium's "Gault Millau Chef of the Year" 2010 and "Best Pastry Chef in the World" 2017 is now world famous and has his own TV show, in which he divulges the secrets to his cooking skills. Roger van Damme's style is creative and experimental – but he also has a methodical and accurate approach to work. So he has high expectations when it comes to the kitchen equipment and practical solutions.

1) A cooking session with the award-winning chef 

The Michelin star chef has chosen to prepare a menu that is also served at his gourmet restaurant "Het Gebaar": tomatoes "à la van Damme", croque monsieur with Belotta ham and cheese, tournedos served with croquettes made from candied potatoes and, last but not least, the "Celebration" – a dessert comprising basil ice cream, yoghurt and a variety of berries.

These dishes might sound sophisticated, but it is important to the chef that they can be easily recreated by the viewers of his TV show. Many of the ingredients the chef brings with him are seasonal, and for good reason:

Every season has a specific atmosphere and feel

2) "You can find everything intuitively"

For Roger van Damme, order and organisation form the basis for creativity. And practical cabinet solutions are the "architecture of kitchen interiors", as he puts it. The Michelin star chef is familiar with many of the solutions and products as his own kitchen at home is kitted out with Blum products.

Regardless of whether you're an amateur cook or a professional, it's essential to have the right tools when cooking. And it's incredibly important to keep the utensils exactly where you need them because it makes cooking quicker and easier.


Full visibility and always within easy reach

Thanks to inner dividing systems, such as the AMBIA-LINE solution for bottles of vinegar and oil, everything is exactly where it should be and immediately to hand. Likewise the cutting boards are easy to find and retrieve. The next steps in the recipe, like chopping leeks or washing strawberries, are done in the blink of an eye.


Cling film magic

The Michelin star chef also covers items that will be used later with cling film. "The film dispenser makes cutting the film precise and easy," says the chef happily.


Perfectly balanced, well-seasoned

The combination of herbs and spices is key in any meal. As they're held at a slight angle in the AMBIA-LINE spice holder, it's easy to quickly pick out exactly the right one from inside the drawer. Another practical detail the Michelin star chef notices immediately. The tournedos are quickly seasoned and transformed into true delicacies on the plate.


3) The gourmet chef's round up

Roger van Damme is clearly impressed by so much professionalism in the private kitchen and sums this up by saying: "I can thoroughly recommend Blum". We can only echo his sentiments, as the food was a real taste sensation from the very first bite!


All advantages at a glance

  • Workflows taken into account

  • Sufficient storage space included

  • Convenient one-touch opening of handle-less fronts

  • Inner dividing systems organise interiors and provide clear visibility of contents

  • Integrated practical kitchen accessories

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