Crockery and cutlery in the base cabinet

4 minutes


If you need to set the table or empty the dishwasher, having the cutlery, plates and plastic containers all in the same cabinet, close to the dishwasher, makes life a whole lot easier.


A dinnerware cabinet with a host of benefits

Like to be able to set the table in next to no time? Or empty the dishwasher with ease, without endless to-ing and fro-ing, bending down or contorting yourself? This cabinet is the solution. Cutlery, dishes and plastic containers are all housed in the same cabinet, so everything is within close reach meaning kitchen chores can be done much more conveniently. Ideally, it will be located near the dishwasher and dining table.


Beautifully tidy cutlery drawer

The practical ORGA-LINE and AMBIA-LINE inner dividing systems keep your knives, forks and spoons well organised. They offer flexibility as they can be adjusted to the width of the drawer, are easy to clean and highly durable.


Plenty of room for small accessories

Most kitchens have their fair share of odds and ends. A dedicated drawer and a flexible inner dividing system keeps it all neat and tidy so you can quickly lay your hands on pens, rubber bands or scissors.


Plates are held securely in pull-outs

Plates can also be stored in a secure and easily accessible way in a spacious drawer. The Blum plate holder stores up to 12 plates, and is infinitely adjustable. So you can set the dining table at lightning speed.


The right lid at your fingertips

Plastic storage containers are useful for leftovers or open packs of food. But often end up causing chaos in drawers. Flexible inner dividing systems separate and organise containers and lids. That way you can make best use of the space and quickly find the lid you need.


All advantages at a glance

  • Crockery and cutlery in the base cabinet near to the dishwasher and dining table

  • Flexible inner dividing systems keep cutlery drawers tidy

  • Space for odds and ends ensures everything is well organised

  • Plates are held securely in pull-outs thanks to the Blum plate holder

  • Practical dividers are available for containers

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