Challenge accepted: What makes good furniture?

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Mr and Mrs Schubert are taking part in an unusual contest: using test furniture with different equipment inside, they must complete tasks set by their twins Golda and Zeta. How will mum and dad fare?

Mr and Mrs Schubert are taking part in an unusual contest: using test furniture with different equipment inside, they must complete tasks set by their twins Golda and Zeta. How will mum and dad fare?


The Schubert family are looking forward to seeing what tasks await.

Challenge accepted: who will win the contest?

The Schubert family are in good spirits as the Blum test begins. The parents know that they will be testing different kitchen cabinets. But what they don't know is that the cabinets are identical on the outside, and the differences can only be seen once they are opened. The tasks are not easy, as twins Golda and Zeta will be giving their parents instructions. The pair are looking forward to this with glee – finally a chance to tell the adults what to do for a change! While mum and dad are in make-up, the girls take a look at the furniture and


really put it to the test.


Not all cabinets are equipped in an ergonomic manner.


The girls set their parents a range of tasks from the director's table.

The test set-up

The left-hand cabinet shows the basic interior, as used in many kitchens. The middle cabinet features pull-outs in place of a door to improve the ergonomics. A flexible inner dividing system makes access easier. The third cabinet shows what an optimum configuration might look like: the pull-outs can be opened electrically with just a touch and are equipped with high-quality inner dividing systems. Even the wall cabinet lift system opens as if by magic.

Task 1: Cutting an apple

Mum begins with the Good element, while dad is in position with the Better element. The apple is ready and waiting but where is the knife? Thanks to the practical ORGA-LINE inner dividing system in the drawer, Max finds the knife he needs right away. He's already cutting the apple into tidy slices while mum Annette is still rummaging through the poorly organised drawer.

Even reaching the stack of plates in the wall cabinet proves difficult for mum, as she is too short. Max is a gentleman and puts his ambition to one side to assist her. The plates were stored in a pull-out in his cabinet for convenience, so he's already completed his task. This round goes to Max.

Task 2: Wrapping an apple

Golda and Zeta whisper excitedly, their parents are now to wrap the apple in cling film. Who will be the master of this task? Annette is still using the Good element. Dad is in luck as the film dispenser in the Better element saves time – you don't have to fiddle about trying to find the end of the film. While mum tries in vain to unravel the end of her roll of film, Max completes the task. ‘Dad won!’ agree the girls.

Task 3: Getting some juice

The contest continues. Mum can now use the Best element, while dad is to have a go with the Good element, the children decide. ‘We're thirsty, make us something to drink,’ demand the children with a giggle. Max takes a glass from the wall cabinet with door, while Annette opens the wall cabinet lift system. ‘Wow, mum's is automatic,’ says Golda amazed, as the front moves upward as if by itself.

Now Max is struggling: first he has to kneel down at the base cabinet with shelf to find the bottle of juice at the back. The girls almost feel a bit sorry for him. Their mum, on the other hand, gently nudges the front of the drawer with her foot and grabs the bottle of juice. ‘Mum's done it,' say the kids with delight.

Task 4: Preparing a snack box

The twins send Annette to the Best element again, while Max remains at the Good element. Poor dad has to reach deep into the base cabinet to find the right lid for the box. Annette has it easier as the containers and lids are stored separately in the Best element with an AMBIA-LINE frame. Lids and containers are within easy reach so the apple slices are popped inside in seconds. Another point for the beaming winner!

A clear winner: here's to the equipment!

The contest ends in a draw. How successful our participants were clearly depended on the cabinet's equipment and not their efforts. Relaxing on the sofa, the Schubert family share their impressions with us.

The parents found it interesting to directly compare the units themselves. Both agree that the Best element made everything really easy. Annette was particularly struck by how tidy and well organised the cabinet contents were, while Max liked the smooth and easy flow. ‘Everything was so easy: open – close, open – close!’ laughs Zeta. Their conclusion is clear: all members of the family would opt to equip the units in their new kitchen like the Best element. ‘It’s a shame our kitchen isn't as great as this,’ shout the twins in unison. But things can always change.


The Schubert family agree that equipping furniture well makes a huge difference.

You can see how much fun the family had taking part in our contest in our ‘Making of’ video.

All advantages at a glance

  • Pull-outs in base cabinets for a good view of and easy access to the contents

  • Flexible inner dividing systems organise interiors and provide clear visibility of contents

  • Lift systems in the wall cabinet means the doors move up and out of your way

  • Electrical opening support system provides additional convenience

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