Seeing interior design through others' eyes

4 minutes


Jürgen Krämer runs a company which offers both interior design solutions for holistic living concepts as well as handcrafted pieces of furniture. Jürgen tries out our AgeExplorer® age simulation suit and gains an insight into how ageing can affect our lives. In his words it "is a complete eye opener".

Perfection is no small thing

Jürgen Krämer and his team have been planning and creating high-end living spaces, offices and shop fittings for almost twenty years. "On every single project, we focus on design, quality and functional aesthetics. Our customers' requirements are always our top priority," says Jürgen Krämer. "I'm curious to find out what the age simulation suit is all about."


Jürgen Krämer wants to try out the AgeExplorer®.

"Perfection is no small thing, but it is the small things that make perfection."

The transformation takes just minutes

The AgeExplorer®, which is normally used in Blum requirements research, consists of various components. Each simulates a physical limitation typically arising in old age. In just a few minutes, Jürgen Krämer is transformed into a kind of orange astronaut. With limited vision, stiff joints, impaired hearing and muscle fatigue, the creative businessman is ready to explore his workspace and showroom.


The design expert is ready to explore his workspace in the AgeExplorer®.

Not at all what he expected

Suddenly the clothes rails in the walk-in wardrobe that graces the showroom seem incredibly high. The top stitches on the sleeves make stretching noticeably difficult for Jürgen. As he sits down on his favourite sofa, he immediately realises that getting back up off the soft cushions takes a great deal of effort. "How soft something should be, how deep a sofa should be – this is very enlightening," says Jürgen.

Colours and materials are particularly important for the design expert. The AgeExplorer® visor imitates the yellowness that can arise after many years of exposure to sunlight. "You almost can't differentiate between the colours on the colour palette," says a shocked Jürgen. Touching various surfaces with the gloves which simulate arthritis and diminished sensitivity is also fascinating for Jürgen. "We spend a lot of time choosing materials," explains the experienced interior designer. "It's a real eye-opener, discovering how that might feel for our customers," he says pensively.


Warm, cold, soft, hard – how do materials feel when you have arthritis? Jürgen is amazed by the result.

The whole team ought to try out the suit

Two hours later, Jürgen takes the AgeExplorer® off and is visibly impressed. "I thought, I'd pull on this suit and that would be it," he explained to our colleagues in requirements research. "But it's actually completely different! Once you've had this experience, it gives you a completely new perspective on how furniture is used," says the Managing Director of the 19-person team. "All my employees ought to experience this for themselves," he says. What has this experience taught Jürgen Krämer personally? "I'm going to try and be a fit 70-year-old," he laughs.

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