Tips for practical bathroom furniture

Aug 2023
  • How to maximise storage space in small areas

  • An out-of-the-ordinary option for mirror cabinets

  • How to get more storage space out of bathroom cabinets and drawers

Depending on the room layout and your personal needs, the requirements for furniture in the bathroom can be very different. We use the worldwide observations of our requirements research team to develop cabinet solutions from our products that allow individual storage space and optimal access.

In addition to kitchens, we also got to work on bathrooms. Understanding customers' needs is the basis for planning bespoke furniture – so we asked test subjects about the following:

  • Number of people living in the home

  • Furniture, sanitary facilities, items and other features in the existing bathroom, such as a washing machine or tumble dryer

  • We asked each of the test subjects about their daily routines and documented and compared their responses.

The results show that while bathrooms often vary significantly in terms of their size and what's inside, actual routines are similar and have many aspects in common. If you look at these routines in detail, one thing that comes up again and again is a desire for more storage space and keeping individual items in easy reach.

Based on our research, we built a model set of compact and practical bathroom furniture that offers extensive storage space for different requirements in a small area.

The combination of a narrow tall cabinet, a washbasin cabinet and a classic mirror cabinet makes it easy to store all bathroom items.

  • The U-shaped pull-outs maximise normally unused space under the sink.

  • Drawers of different heights with an inner dividing system provide a clear view inside the tall bathroom cabinet and easy access to odds and ends.

  • Cleaning products and an inner drawer for odds and ends are found behind the high front at the bottom of the tall cabinet.

  • There's more storage space behind the mirror. The cabinet closes even more securely with the CRISTALLO hinge with integrated soft-close mechanism.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

But it doesn't always have to be an entire piece of furniture, even individual elements optimise storage space and access. For example, the mirror cabinets that are so popular in bathrooms can be adapted to individual requirements:

  • Lift systems instead of hinges: The stay lift front can remain open and out of the way while the user brushes their teeth or does their beauty routine. Storage items are always ready to hand and there is less risk of bumping into the edges of the mirror.

  • Soft-close in a conventional design: Those who prefer a conventional cabinet door should use hinges with damping effect to protect the breakable glass. The CRISTALLO hinge by Blum ensures the mirror cabinet closes softly and effortlessly thanks to the integrated soft-close mechanism.

The traditional bathroom cabinet with mirror reinterpreted, featuring the high upward opening AVENTOS XS stay lift.

The CRISTALLO hinge ensures that mirror doors are held securely – the front closes softly and effortlessly with the integrated soft-close mechanism.

Beautifully organised drawers

It's a good idea to integrate an inner dividing system in drawers so you don't lose track of what's inside. This way, you can find everything you need at a glance.

Our tip: To avoid wasting any space, choose an inner dividing system that fits your drawer exactly. Blum offers two cleverly designed systems that are tailor-made for our drawer box systems: for LEGRABOX and MERIVOBOX, and for TANDEMBOX.

The AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system in wood design keeps small items neat and tidy in the bathroom cabinet.

ORGA-LINE inner dividing system combines containers with frames and is therefore especially versatile.

Maximising available space

Every centimetre makes a difference, especially in small bathrooms. So it's useful to plan just a few wide drawers rather than lots of narrow ones. Using one wide pull-out instead of two narrow ones creates up to 15% more storage space, which would otherwise be taken up by the drawer side panels.

Concealed inner drawers are also real storage space wonders. In many cases, an additional low drawer can be integrated behind high fronts. This is a great place especially for small items that accumulate in the bathroom over time, such as nail files, creams and dental floss.

Two low MERIVOBOX drawers are hidden behind the high front. The storage space is ideally used for odds and ends.

In small bathrooms in particular, it makes sense to use one wide element instead of two narrow drawers. This makes the storage space more usable.

A larder unit for the bathroom?

Think larder units only belong in the kitchen? Far from it. If planned right, a cabinet can create lots of storage space in the bathroom as well. We recommend a cabinet with pull-outs, such as the by Blum, because this ensures shampoo, soaps, towels and the like are within easy reach from the left, right and front – even if they're in the farthest corner of the drawer. SPACE TOWER comes in all heights, widths and depths, so the cabinet can be tailored to create the storage space you need in your bathroom.

The division of the SPACE TOWER into high and low drawers ensures sufficient space for a variety of storage items.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Combining a narrow tall cabinet, washstand cabinet and conventional mirror cabinet proves especially practical

  • Stay lift fronts are an alternative to conventional mirror cabinets

  • Inner dividing systems keep drawers neat and tidy

  • Inner drawers for stowing small items can be concealed behind high fronts

  • Use one wide drawer instead of two narrow ones to boost storage space in small bathrooms

  • Our SPACE TOWER unit with pull-outs is a great way to create lots of storage space in bathrooms as well

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