Practical wardrobe with interior sophistication

Aug 2023
  • What makes a wardrobe even more practical

  • The best way to store clothes on hangers

  • How to keep items in easy reach and neatly stored

Overview is everything 

A modern wardrobe is a key element in every bedroom. Over the last century, the clothes chest at the foot of the bed has evolved into a spacious tall cabinet. Needing to be able to see and easily access the amount of clothing that is available to us these days undoubtedly played a role in this. Sometimes these large cabinets are also true all-rounders, storing bedding, shoes, hats, toys and much more, depending on the living space. In our solution, we primarily consider the classic wardrobe and limit ourselves to storing items of clothing.

We use the worldwide observations of our Blum requirements research to develop cabinet solutions from our products that create individual storage space and provide optimal access. Here's what this looks like in our wardrobe:

  • Clothes rails can be pulled all the way out for easy access and clear visibility

  • Even items of clothing at the very back are easy to reach with full extension drawers

  • Inner dividing systems help organise accessories and odds and ends

  • A cabinet built into the wardrobe creates more storage space

  • Convenient one-touch opening of handle-less fronts

  • A wardrobe can be divided into different sections according to the purpose, e.g. sports or business wear, seasonal clothing or – as in our example here – by the length of the clothing.

Always ready to hand

Almost the entire height of the furniture was used on the left side. This means that long dresses or coats can be hung up crease-free. Thanks to the pull-out clothes rail, clothes at the back are easy to reach. The space in the wardrobe is used all the way to the back, so it doesn't need to be as wide.

Hang, don't fold

Items of clothing that are difficult to fold should be hung on hangers. The solution presented offers an extra-wide clothes rail in the middle part, which, like the other hanging options of this furniture, is attached to the underside of a pull-out shelf, so it can be pulled out of the wardrobe. This is particularly practical if the wardrobe does not have any additional interior lighting. The clothes are pulled out into daylight and colours and textures are easier to distinguish. 

Built-in wardrobe

This wardrobe comes with a special feature – a built in section the bottom. While this area with drawers integrates perfectly into the overall furniture, the dark borders make it an additional design element. The two lower large pull-outs offer lots of storage space for laundry, socks, T-shirts and jumpers. With the right folding methods, items of clothing can be clearly arranged in the . Small accessories such as belts, scarves and ties are safely stowed away in a hidden inner drawer with a matching inner dividing system.

Inner dividing systems adjusted to the items inside offer easy access and clear visibility, while the hidden inner drawer creates space for accessories.

The two large pull-outs at the bottom of the wardrobe offer space a-plenty for everything that doesn't need to be hung up.

Crystal-clear view

The right side of the wardrobe is reserved for shorter items of clothing such as jackets or hoodies. A pull-out clothes rail makes it easy to see and reach the contents of the wardrobe. The clothes rail is fitted under a pull-out shelf and can be pulled all the way out. At the bottom, access is made easier by several with . The fronts made of clear glass provide a clear view of the stored items even when the drawer is closed. By touching the front with your foot, the pull-out slides out and provides easy access. The high doors equipped with large mirrors are a practical feature, allowing you to see yourself from all angles and check the outfit you've chosen.

Thanks to the pull-out shelf, the clothes rail can be pulled all the way out of the wardrobe.

The glass fronts of the drawers offer a handy view of the contents, whether opened or closed.

Tip: An analysis of the existing clothing and the required space helps in the planning phase to design the wardrobe to your individual needs.

All advantages at a glance

  • Sufficient storage space included

  • Convenient one-touch opening of handle-less fronts

  • Inner dividing systems organise interiors and provide clear visibility of contents

  • Pull-out clothes rails

  • Spacious drawers create lots of space

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