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Mar 2022
  • When it's worth having a dedicated cabinet for baking equipment

  • What's the best place in the kitchen

  • Keeping things neat and tidy – made easy

Ein Mann verteilt Mehl auf seinen Händen, das durch die Luft wirbelt, vor ihm liegt ein großer, runder Teig

Cake tins and cookie cutters, baking trays and dough scrapers, proofing baskets, sugar sifters, piping nozzles and more: passionate bakers are never short of materials.

But where to put it all?

Sounds familiar?

  • Baking tins are usually stacked as best they can be, in a base cabinet or even in the oven. Every time they are used, the kitchen user has to take everything out – because the necessary utensil is always at the very back, of course.

  • Flour and sugar, sprinkles, icing and fondant disappear unsorted into a large container labelled "baking ingredients" in the larder unit. Once again, the search almost takes longer than the baking.

  • The last remaining bottle of lemon extract, which you could have sworn you spotted in the cupboard last Christmas, goes missing just when it's needed.

Ein Kind backt mit einer älteren Frau in einer Küche, ein Junge steht an der Kochinsel und im Hintergrund hängen ein Mann und eine Frau eine Geburtstagsgirlande auf

A dedicated cabinet for baking fans

The Blum ergonomics experts agree that a cabinet just for baking ingredients can prove very worthwhile.

A cabinet for baking items that not only offers space for bulky accessories such as trays, racks and baking tins, but also for ingredients and even small baking aids such as rolling pins and spatulas. The concept creates a dedicated storage space for the amateur baker and keeps items neat and tidy, ready for use.

1In large kitchens

If there's sufficient space available, a cabinet designed specifically for baking accessories is a good idea. Planning is based not only on the space available, but on the individual's personal requirements. Such a cabinet can be between 40 and 60 cm wide. Due to findings from requirements research, Blum always recommends a cabinet with pull-outs

As with other practical cabinet applications, the utensils and ingredients are readily to hand and quickly accessible.

The ideal spot for this cabinet is close to both the main work surface and the oven.

Clear division for better organisation

A layout with a top pull-out and a pull-out with a high front underneath, which also conceals an inner drawer, is ideal.

With this combination, it's possible to use inner dividing systems tailored to the storage items. All items are clearly arranged and securely stowed away, something that is particularly important when storing open packets.

This division offers a clear front design and the storage space is ideally utilised for everything the home baker might need.

This genuine example shows how the stored items can be separated:

Eine geöffnete weiße Schublade gefüllt mit Backzutaten

Top pull-out: the most important ingredients, baking mixes, cake decorations and icing can be stored here. An additional inner dividing system keeps things neat, tidy and secure – so that nothing falls over when the drawer is opened.

Ein geöffneter großer Auszug in einem Unterschrank gefüllt mit Backblechen und Backformen

Pull-out with high front: baking trays and tins are stored upright here. Dividing walls in the pull-out ensure order and stability.

Ein geöffneter Unterschrank mit einem großen Auszug mit Backblechen und Backformen und einem kleineren Innenauszug gefüllt mit Backpapier, Muffinförmchen und Nudelhölzern

Objects with a low height, such as cookie cutters and rolling pins, can be stored in the additional inner drawer.

2In small kitchens

In smaller kitchens where there is no space for a separate, large cabinet, the baking accessories can be stored in the base cabinet under the main work surface together with other ingredients and cooking utensils. Here too, a cabinet with pull-outs is the ideal solution.

Blum's is a space-saving, narrow pull-out that can make use of even the smallest gap – for example, for storing baking trays.

Once again, the ideal location for this cabinet is near to the main work surface and in close proximity to the oven – so that everything required is quickly to hand when baking and there's always a clear view of the oven.

Ein schmaler Auszug in einem Unterschrank gefüllt mit Backutensilien

SPACE TWIN as a cabinet for baking items can be installed from a cabinet width of 15 cm. This allows it to fit in narrow kitchens as well as next to the oven. The upper level with a lower side panel is suitable for storing rolling pins, baking paper, brushes and ramekins. Baking trays and tins are stored neatly and securely on the lower level, thanks to the higher side panels.

At a glance: the cabinet for baking utensils

  • Amateur bakers collect numerous utensils and ingredients over time. A dedicated cabinet for baking accessories keeps things neat, tidy and organised.

  • Findings from Blum requirements research show that a cabinet with pull-outs is ideal for this purpose. Everything in the drawers can be seen right away and removed with ease.

  • Ideally, this cabinet is positioned close to the main work surface and just a short distance from the oven.

  • Practical inner dividing systems such as AMBIA-LINE or ORGA-LINE from Blum ensure that trays and ingredients are held in place and easy to find.

  • In smaller kitchens, the narrow SPACE TWIN cabinet has proven to be an excellent solution: this cabinet (which opens out fully) can be installed from a cabinet width of just 15 cm.

  • For even more convenience when baking, the cabinet can be equipped with an electric or mechanical motion support system.

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