Dishes perfectly organised: in the base cabinet with pull-outs

Jun 2022
  • Why plates in the base cabinet is the ideal solution

  • The right environment for the crockery cabinet

  • Plenty of space for cutlery and small items

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Items such as plates, platters and bowls are often stored in wall cabinets, although their quantity, size and weight means that a base cabinet is much more suitable.

Kitchen observations by Blum requirements research have shown that many kitchen cabinets are often only equipped with one drawer for cutlery. A door with a shelf is under the drawer. However, a number of disadvantages come with this:

  • It's almost impossible to reach the stored items without bending down, rummaging around, stretching and straining.

  • Things stored at the back of the cupboard frequently get forgotten.

  • Cupboard contents are often disorganised due to the lack of inner dividing system.

Bringing together what belongs together

To make work in the kitchen even more efficient, a better cabinet concept is essential. However, there are a few points to consider if ergonomic access and clearly arranged storage items are to be achieved. If you plan to store plates in the kitchen, you should opt for a base cabinet with pull-outs – this combines the advantages of ergonomic access with a clear overview.

Drawers in the top area are ideal for cutlery and the odds and ends found in most kitchens.

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Accessing crockery and cutlery

If processes in the kitchen are considered, it makes sense to store cutlery and plates in the same cupboard: this means everything is quickly to hand when setting the table or preparing to serve food. It's also ideal to combine this cabinet with the wall cabinet for cups and glasses. If these are positioned in the immediate vicinity of the dishwasher, putting the dishes away is a breeze. This not only saves effort in the kitchen, but time too.

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This is what the ideal crockery cabinet looks like from the inside

Alongside plates, serving platters and cutlery, there's plenty of space in the drawers for the odds and ends found in every household. The inner dividing system guarantees clarity and secure storage.

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Cutlery, chopsticks, serving spoons and even placemats are stored in the top drawer. We recommend using an inner dividing system to keep everything neat and tidy. Blum AMBIA-LINE or ORGA-LINE, for example, can be flexibly adapted to the drawer width.

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The second drawer has space for small items. After all, every kitchen ends up with an assortment of odds and ends (such as scissors, rubber bands and pens), which need to be stored somewhere. A dedicated drawer with inner dividing system keeps the chaos at bay, and anyone who loves order will be delighted with the results.

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Plates can be stored so that they are secure and readily accessible in the spacious pull-out. A plate holder from Blum is recommended here – with space provided for up to 12 plates per holder. The size is adjustable, meaning that it fits plates in any size. The plate holder can be easily removed when setting the table.

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For example, storage containers such as Tupperware boxes and glass containers can be stored in the bottom pull-out. After a meal, everything required to put leftovers in the refrigerator is quickly to hand. A flexible inner dividing system that neatly and clearly separates containers and lids also ensures order here – so everything is readily to hand.

At a glance: crockery cabinet with pull-outs

  • Instead of a base cabinet with doors, we recommend planning a base cabinet with pull-outs to store dishes, cutlery and storage containers.

  • This is also the ideal place to store small items and odds and ends in an organised manner.

  • Ideally, this base cabinet should be located close to the dishwasher – so to-ing and fro-ing is kept to a minimum.

  • Flexible inner dividing systems keep cutlery and storage containers well organised and easily accessible.

  • There's space for up to 12 plates in an adjustable plate holder.

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