Food prep made easy: the right cabinet is a big help

Mar 2022
  • Optimum positioning of the main work surface

  • Points to consider when planning

  • How to make processes in the kitchen even easier

Eine Frau bereitet auf einer dunklen Kochinsel Speisen zu, wäscht Paprika,  entnimmt ein Messer aus einer Schublade und schiebt die Paprika vom Schneidbrett in einem Kochtopf

A big part of cooking is taken up with food preparation. Findings from Blum's requirements research have shown that most food preparation activities take place around the sink and hob. Vegetables, for example, are washed first, then chopped and then placed in the pot.

Plenty of space to work

Kitchen users who cook not only need time, they naturally also need enough space for all the small tasks they have to perform. If the sink and hob are too close together, this doesn't leave enough space for preparation. Vegetables are diced, dough is kneaded, herbs are chopped. Chopping boards, knives, basins, sieves, bowls – new items are added at every step.

With this in mind, the ergonomics experts at Blum recommend a distance between the sink and hob of around 90 cm. This leaves enough space for the chopping board, knife, bowl and ingredients.

Eine dunkelhaarige Frau mit einer grauen Schürze entnimmt ein Messer aus einer Schublade in einer Kücheninsel

Everything required for food prep (from knives, mixing spoons and graters to bowls, ingredients and spices) must be close to hand at the main work surface.

Sophisticated base cabinets offer sufficient storage space for all these utensils and guarantee efficient cooking processes.

Ein Mann und eine Frau stehen an einer weißen Kücheninsel, die Frau füllt Vorräte nach, die sie aus einer geöffneten großen Schublade in der Kücheninsel entnimmt

The ideal workspace for food preparation

Well-organised workflows in the kitchen are a must when it comes to avoiding unnecessary to-ing and fro-ing – thereby saving time. When planning the kitchen layout, taking the following aspects into account is key in ensuring an optimal workflow when preparing food:

  • The main work surface is positioned centrally, ideally between the sink and hob. When the individual zones are grouped together (as much as possible), it leads to better workflow in the kitchen. .

  • The worktop should also offer sufficient space for complex recipes – a width of around 90 centimetres is ideal, and it should not be less than 80 centimetres if at all possible.

  • The base cabinets are spacious enough to accommodate not only kitchen utensils, but also bulky storage items such as bowls and sieves.

  • Blum recommends cabinets with drawers and pull-outs including inner organising systems, rather than doors with shelves, so that items are always readily to hand.

A cabinet for the main work surface

Using the experience and findings from Blum's requirements research means we are able to recommend specific pieces of furniture for specific tasks. What works best is, of course, ultimately decided by the kitchen buyers themselves.

Thanks to Blum's box systems – for example , or – it's possible to design base cabinets in flexible widths. The volume of storage required should be ascertained at the outset, during kitchen planning.

The concept in practice

This practical kitchen cabinet offers sufficient space on four levels for all the large and small utensils required when carrying out food preparation.

Eine geöffnete oberste Schublade eines Unterschranks gefüllt mit verschiedenen Küchenutensilien

All important kitchen utensils such as knives, whisks, garlic presses, graters and peelers are stored in the top drawer and are therefore immediately to hand. Up to nine knives can be safely stored in the knife holder.

Eine geöffnete zweite Schublade von oben eines Unterschranks gefüllt mit verschiedenen Küchenutensilien

The second drawer from the top accommodates less frequently used items, for example cling film and aluminium foil in the practical film/foil dispenser from Blum. Once prepared, food can be covered in an instant.

Eine geöffnete große Schublade mit Vorräten einer weißen Kücheninsel

The high-sided pull-out at the top is perfect for open packs of food. Storage containers and open packs of flour, rice or pasta are held securely in the pull-out and do not fall over when it is opened, thanks to the flexible inner dividing system.

Die geöffnete unterste Schublade eines Unterschranks mit Schüsseln und einem Sieb gefüllt

The lower pull-out offers plenty of space for bulky storage items such as pasta strainers, salad bowls and mixing bowls – everything that should be to hand in this area.

At a glance: food prep made easy

  • The main work surface is the heart of the kitchen.

  • For efficient work processes, position it between the sink and hob.

  • Ideally, it should be 90 cm wide for optimal working conditions.

  • Kitchen utensils, open packs of food, bowls and sieves can be stored in pull-outs under the worktop.

  • Flexible inner dividing systems ensure a good overview and secure storage of open packs of food.

  • Practical kitchen accessories from Blum (such as the knife holder or the film/foil dispenser for cling film and aluminium foil) make everyday work in the kitchen easier.

  • For even more convenience, the base cabinet can be equipped with an electric or mechanical motion support system.

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