Organise the larder unit to maximise storage space in the kitchen

Dec 2022
  • The option that offers the most storage space for provisions

  • What makes this cabinet so special

  • The alternative solutions available for kitchens with sloping ceilings

Ein gefüllter schwarzer Vorratsschrank mit geöffneten Schubladen in einer Küche

Supplies in the kitchen

Pantries and storerooms are a thing of the past. Today, functional cabinets provide storage space for all kinds of items.

The amount of storage space required by a household depends on several factors, including, for example, the size of the household and the personal shopping habits.

Various solutions can be implemented – depending on the size of the kitchen, storage space needs and design preferences – all of which ensure good ergonomic access and provide a clear view of the supplies.

Concept 1: The tall cabinet

In spacious kitchens, a tall cabinet can be installed as a larder unit. This solution offers the most storage space of all the concepts. It can be used to store supplies such as pasta, rice and flour, as well as bottles and tinned food. Blum has developed the SPACE TOWER for this model to ensure that all items are quickly to hand: a tall cabinet in which pull-outs can be flexibly planned.

The SPACE TOWER larder unit from Blum affords the kitchen user many possibilities.

SPACE TOWER at a glance

Ein Mann und eine Frau stehen vor einem geöffneten Vorratsschrank, ein Junge hockt vor ihnen und einer geöffneten Schublade
Easy access from three sides

Full extension pull-outs can be opened individually, giving the user easy access to contents from all three sides.

Eine weiße Küche mit Kochinsel und einem geöffneten Vorratsschrank mit Schubladen
Not a hindrance

The doors can be opened up to 155 degrees, so that they are almost parallel to the wall. Even in narrow kitchens, the open cabinet doors stay well out of the way.

Ein Mann in einem grauen Shirt entnimmt Vorräte aus einer geöffneten SPACE TOWER-Schublade
Taking items out is very convenient

Thanks to a zero protrusion hinge, the drawers can be fully extended from a door opening of just 90 degrees. Each pull-out is fully visible from above. Supplies are located quickly and can be easily removed from above.

Zahlreiche Flaschen in einer Schublade eines geöffneten Vorratsschranks
Maximises storage space

If the bottom door hinge is fitted carefully, the pull-out can be positioned right at the bottom, so that even the last few centimetres are transformed into valuable storage space.

Whether the simplest possible storage solution is needed for a family or a sophisticated solution is required for a passionate amateur chef, the SPACE TOWER is the solution for anyone who wants a practical and convenient larder unit.

The unit comes in a variety of heights, widths and depths The larder unit with one door is recommended for widths of 30 cm to 79 cm. From 80 cm to 120 cm width, two doors are used.

Eine Frau kocht an einer Kochinsel und ein blondes Mädchen entnimmt etwas aus der Schublade eines Vorratsschranks

Unlike a pull-out larder unit, which is often installed in a tall cabinet as a storage solution, each drawer in the SPACE TOWER can be pulled out individually. This means there's no need to move the entire contents of the cabinet every time something is needed.

Jemand entnimmt Vorräte aus einer geöffneten weiße Schublade mit Mehl, Zucker, Salz und ähnlichen Koch- und Backzutaten

Users who want to organise their larder units like a pro use an additional inner dividing system, such as AMBIA-LINE or ORGA-LINE. These systems keep things clearly in view, make it possible to remove stored items with ease, and ensure that supplies such as flour, sugar or rice cannot tip over in the drawer.

Eine beige Küche mit Kochinsel und einem geöffneten Vorratsschrank mit Schubladen

The distance between the individual drawers is flexible, so that more space can be left at the bottom for tall items such as bottles, for example. Space remains available higher up for tins and jars. It is therefore possible to take the personal needs of the user into account when planning the kitchen.

Eine Schublade mit Glaseinsatz in der Flaschen und Getränkekartons gelagert sind

The pull-outs can bear up to 70 kilograms, meaning that even full glass bottles and heavy packets can be stored safely in the kitchen without concern.

Concept 2: Base cabinet with pull-outs

The tall cabinet designed specifically for storage is not the best solution for every application:

  • in kitchens with sloping ceilings, for example, there is often no room for a tall larder unit,

  • while smaller apartments generally have less available space.

  • If an additional pantry is available, only the supplies required on a daily basis need to be stored in the kitchen.

In these cases, the experts at Blum recommend a base cabinet with pull-outs. These cabinets are either already fitted with pull-outs, or they can be retrofitted.

A base cabinet can also be used to store numerous supplies in a well-organised manner.

Planned to perfection: organise the larder unit with drawers

Eine geöffnete Schublade mit einer durchsichtigen Seitenwand
Don't forget bulky items

Drawers that can be pulled out completely provide convenient access – right to the farthest corner. The drawers should have high side panels so that nothing sticks out or falls out.

Eine geöffnete Schublade gefüllt mit mehreren Gläsern Gewürzen
Create order

Perfect organisation is achieved here through the addition of an inner dividing system (for example, AMBIA-LINE from Blum), which keeps everything safely upright and within easy reach.

Eine geöffnete Schublade, die Seitendimensionen sind mit orangen Pfeilen hervorgehoben
Everyone has individual needs

Blum's box systems allow the flexible planning of cabinets with drawers, with widths from 30 cm to 120 cm possible. It is not only the available space that is decisive here, but also the personal needs of the user.

Eine geöffnete, gut gefüllte Schublade in einer weißen Küche
Heavier loads

Blum's box systems can bear weights of up to 70 kilograms, meaning even large and heavy items can be stored here.

Concept 3: Corner cabinet with pull-outs

Sometimes it also makes sense to design the corner cabinet as a larder unit – for example, if the pots and pans that are so often stored here are housed in a separate cabinet, or if the kitchen layout means this is the only option.

Blum's SPACE CORNER also provides plenty of space for provisions in the corner

Blum has developed the SPACE CORNER, its corner cabinet, to ensure that storage items don't disappear into the far corner, never to be seen again: a cabinet solution with practical pull-outs for the corner that can be created using standard components.

This not only makes the corner cabinet particularly user-friendly, but also means that the available storage space can be perfectly organised as a larder unit.

Eine Hand entnimmt Vorräte aus einer geöffneten Eckschublade

The advantage here is that supplies are found straight away and accessed with ease.

At a glance: three ways to optimise the larder unit

  • A tall cabinet as larder unit provides the most storage space for all kinds of supplies.

  • The SPACE TOWER larder unit is equipped with pull-outs that can be flexibly planned – so that all items have their own space, and can be quickly removed from three sides.

  • A great alternative is a base cabinet with drawers.

  • Thanks to the SPACE CORNER from Blum, supplies can also be stored ergonomically in the corner.

  • Inner dividing systems such as AMBIA-LINE or ORGA-LINE from Blum help to keep supplies neat and tidy,

  • while pull-outs with high, closed sides are ideal if the space is to be well-filled.

  • Blum pull-outs can bear weights of up to 70 kg and open and close easily, even when heavily loaded.

  • Flexible adjustment of the width and height of all solutions is straightforward.

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