Larder ideas

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Pantries and storerooms are a thing of the past. Today, functional cabinets provide storage space for all types of provisions. Here are a few ideas on how to store food in the kitchen.

SPACE TOWER – the classic all-rounder

The tall cabinet with inner drawers behind the door provides organised storage for all your provisions and ensures that items are immediately to hand. Inner drawers can be opened individually, providing clear visibility and easy access from all three sides. A key advantage over conventional larder units is that you don’t have to pull open the weight of the entire cabinet to remove a single item (only the drawer holding the item you need). The spacing between the drawers can also be adapted to suit your personal requirements.

You can provide extra height for tall items such as bottles or boxes of cereals at the bottom of the cabinet or add a shallow drawer for cans and storage jars at the top. In other words, you can customise SPACE TOWER to meet your specific needs.


What's more, the larder unit is not only flexible on the inside. It comes in all widths so you can decide how much storage space you'd like to have. Cabinets with a width of just 300 mm provide a great compact storage solution for small kitchens. However, a width of 600 mm to 1,200 mm is recommended for large families. Tip: Extra deep pull-outs maximise the storage space available.


Base cabinet for provisions

Base cabinets with spacious pull-outs also provide practical storage for provisions. Flexible inner dividing systems ensure that open packs are held securely and are easily accessible.


High back and side panels make stacking easy and keep all storage items in place. With a load bearing capacity of 70 kg, the drawers have a feather-light glide even when heavily laden. The base cabinet for provisions is also available in a wide range of widths from 300 mm to 1,200 mm.


SPACE CORNER cabinet for provisions

Depending on your kitchen layout, you might want to store your provisions in a corner cabinet. SPACE CORNER is the perfect choice. It gives you corner pull-outs that can be opened individually. The spacious pull-outs provide clear visibility and easy access to all contents from above.


You can easily see at a glance when anything needs replenishing. Just like standard drawers, the pull-outs can be equipped with flexible inner dividers. This corner cabinet is available in various heights and widths. We recommend a width of 900 mm to 1,200 mm.


All advantages at a glance

  • Pull-outs with straight sides or corner drawers make full use of the space available

  • Easy access and clear visibility thanks to full extension

  • Tidy and organised interiors with ORGA-LINE or AMBIA-LINE inner dividing systems

  • Cabinets come in different heights, widths and depths

  • High load bearing capacity of up to 70 kg per pull-out

  • Soft and effortless closing with BLUMOTION

  • Can be combined with an electrical or mechanical opening support system

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