Lift systems instead of doors: how to store glasses in the kitchen

Sep 2022
  • The advantages of wall cabinets fitted with lift systems

  • The options that are available and the differences that apply

  • Added extras for even greater ease of use

Ein Mann in braunen Hemd steht vor einer Küchenzeile, die Oberschränke mit Klappen sind geöffnet

Every day, kitchen users reach into the cupboard to take out a glass – so it's well worth thinking about how to store glasses, cups and other small items of crockery in the kitchen. A carefully considered kitchen solution always allows good, ergonomic access.

Why the standard solution isn't a solution

Weiße Oberschränke mit geöffneten Türen

Wall cabinets with doors are standard in the kitchen. This is not ideal for several reasons:

  • The open doors get in the way and do not provide easy access to the storage items, but closing them after each use is also inefficient.

  • Numerous narrow cabinets in a row are more expensive than a single wide one, while also providing less storage space over the same width.

  • The width of the cabinets cannot be arbitrarily selected: with a width of more than 60 cm, two doors per cabinet are recommended, because a single door would project too far into the room. Instead of one door getting in the way, the user now has two to navigate around.

Doors are a particular obstacle when it comes to cabinets that hold cups and glasses: the kitchen user often ends up spending longer here, for example when clearing out the dishwasher or setting the table for a large get-together. If doors are in the way, this is not only irritating, but can also be painful: careless movements can result in a bump to the head.

So how can cups and glasses be stored in the kitchen so that they are quickly to hand and tasks are always as straightforward as possible? The experts at Blum recommend wall cabinets with lift systems.

Eine Frau mit einer Kaffeetasse in der Hand lehnt an einer Küchenzeile, hinter ihr ist ein Oberschrank mit Klappen geöffnet

Fronts move up and out of the user's way – thanks to wall cabinets with lift systems

Wall cabinets with lift systems that open upwards can be used in any kitchen, regardless of the design or available space. This means they move out of the working area and the field of vision and are no longer an obstacle and pose no risk of injury.

Wall cabinets with lift systems are available in manz different widths, from narrow compact versions to a generous width of up to 180 cm – allowing items to be stored in the smartest possible way in almost any kitchen. So now nothing stands in the way of perfect order and organisation.

Eine Frau steht zwischen einem geöffneten Geschirrspüler und einem geöffneten Oberschrank mit Gläsern

In particular if the cabinet holding cups and glasses is located in the immediate vicinity of the dishwasher, the short distance results in efficient work processes.

Eine Frau entnimmt Schüsseln aus einem geöffneten Oberschrank und ein Mädchen steht an einer Kücheninsel und sieht ihr zu

Regardless of whether the front is light or heavy: the lift system opens smoothly and stays in the desired position. This leaves the kitchen user's hands free for more important tasks.

Eine Frau in rosa Bluse öffnet eine Klappe in einem Oberschrank

Thanks to the integrated BLUMOTION soft-close mechanism, the lift system closes silently.

A wall cabinet fitted with lift systems is also the ideal solution for other small and lightweight everyday items – cereal bowls, saucers or small plates.

Bulky and heavy crockery such as plates or serving platters, on the other hand, can be stored in a base cabinet with pull-outs.

From theory to practice with solutions by Blum

With Blum products, wall cabinet concepts can be implemented in several ways. Different lift systems can be used depending on the furniture concept, space available and personal preferences.

All in all, it's possible to realise wall cabinets up to 180 cm wide. Depending on whether the user opts for fold up, swing up and over, lift up or pivot up solutions, cabinet heights of between 20.5 cm and 104 cm are possible. Variety – for greater freedom of movement and design.

Eine Frau in einem braunen Oberteil steht vor einem geöffneten Oberschrank mit Glasklappe

Bi-fold fronts fold in the middle. With this principle, even large lift systems allow plenty of freedom of movement; as such this solution is recommended for tall, wide cabinets. This enables fronts with an overall height of up to 104 cm.

Ein Mann in braunem Hemd steht vor einem geöffneten Oberschrank mit Klappe

If there is a gap between the wall cabinet and the ceiling, this solution is ideal. The one-part front swings up and over the cabinet when opened. Front heights between 35 cm and 80 cm can be realised.

Eine Frau hält eine Tasse in der Hand und steht vor einem geöffneten Oberschrank mit Glasklappe

The one-part front moves upwards parallel to the cabinet – making it perfect for rooms with high ceilings or where cabinets are installed above. Front heights from 30 cm to 58 cm are possible here.

Eine Frau in blauer Bluse steht vor einem Oberschrank mit geöffneter Klappe

The one-part front simply folds up and away – the space-saving all-round solution for big and small lift systems alike. Front heights of between 20.5 cm and 60 cm are possible.

Eine Küche mit dunkler Kücheninsel und Küchenzeile mit Oberschränken mit Klappen aus hellem Holz

A particular highlight: with the AVENTOS product family, the fronts of the base cabinets can be visually continued with different types of lift systems. This results in a harmonious overall appearance.

Maximise convenience and ease of use

Handle-less lift systems are right on trend. Their elegant design delivers style and modernity. Thanks to the integrated variable stop, the lift system remains in any desired position after opening, regardless of whether there are handles.

A mechanical or electrical motion support system can be installed to further enhance ease of use; a touch of the front and the lift systems open automatically.

Eine Frau in rosa Bluse betätigt einen SERVO-DRIVE-Knopf an der Klappe eines Oberschranks
Electrical opening

SERVO-DRIVE is an electrical support system from Blum – the lift system opens by touching the front and closes at the touch of a button.

Eine Frau in ockerfarbenen Top schließt die Klappe eines weißen Oberschranks
Mechanical opening

With TIP-ON from Blum, the lift system opens mechanically when touched, and is closed manually.

Wall cabinet with lift systems at a glance

  • Blum recommends wall cabinets with lift systems to keep cups and glasses readily to hand in the kitchen.

  • Lift systems, with fronts that move up and out of the user's way, ensure full freedom of movement during everyday activities in the kitchen.

  • With lift systems, the handle is always within easy reach – thanks to the variable stop.

  • Narrow and compact solutions between 24 cm and 60 cm in height are possible. Blum products can also be used to create large lift systems up to one metre high and 180 cm wide.

  • Even with wide and heavy lift systems, easy opening and closing is guaranteed.

  • Optimum and efficient workflows are achieved when the cabinet for cups and glasses is located close to the dishwasher.

  • Added convenience is afforded by a motion support system, where the lift systems open automatically when touched or at the push of a button – for example SERVO-DRIVE or TIP-ON from Blum.

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