Flexible workstation – home office on wheels

Mar 2021
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Der Office Tower von Blum ist ein mobiles Büro auf kleinstem Raum.

An office in your own home

Having a dedicated office in their own home is something many people only dream of. This is an important consideration for many employees and families right now, particularly as working from home and home schooling have become more prevalent. But flats in particular often don't have enough space.

Blum introduces an innovative concept that brings you closer to the dream of your own office. The idea behind it is to create a flexible workstation that takes up minimal floor space. Key aspects such as ergonomics and storage space were the main focus for us.

This small furniture unit is a further development of a standing desk. Its innovative design maximises storage space and practical features while keeping all the items you need to do your work in easy each and neatly stowed.

Mobiler Arbeitsplatz: Der Office Tower bietet maximalen Stauraum

Fully functional office, minimal space: the innovative furniture folds out quickly to create your mobile home office, and disappears again in no time.

Unique features

We designed the assembly diagram around empirical insights from Blum requirements research. Our first aim was to create a multifunctional workstation that's there when you need it and "disappears" once work is done, offers sufficient storage space and ensures good ergonomics.

In other words, the mobile workstation is a workspace and office cabinet in one. Every component is there for a reason.

Easy access

  • Meticulously planned storage space gives you room for your laptop, office supplies, files and more while taking up minimal space.

  • Simply slide the worktop to one side to get to the laptop underneath – no need to clear things away.

  • Pens, documents and files are all within easy reach.

Stable yet flexible

  • The integrated anti-tip feature ensures everything stays firmly in place even with the drawers open.

  • Thanks to the wheels, you can move the unit anywhere in your home and use it as a mobile desk.

  • Once you've finished working, you can save space by quickly stowing the roller container in a corner – and you now have a discreet sideboard.

Concepts and products

Put simply, the sophisticated concept behind the mobile office works like this:

The solution consists of standard Blum products that have been cleverly combined to create a practical cabinet solution – while taking usability and storage space to the max.

Ein weißes Büromöbel auf Rollen mit Schubladen und einem Tablarauszug

LEGRABOX is a versatile box system that meets the highest standards of design and functionality. The use of high and low drawer sides enables customised storage space. Offset drawers keep the workstation stable.

Das Innere einer Schublade mit unterschiedlichen Utensilien
Inner dividing system

Flexible inner dividing systems such as AMBIA-LINE keep every drawer neat and tidy so you can organise available storage space as you see fit.

Ein weißes Büromöbel mit einem ausgezogenem Tablar auf dem ein Ordner liegt

MOVENTO, the concealed runner system, is installed here. The pull-out shelf slides to one side for easy access to the laptop. You can use the whole surface without clearing things away.

Design your own workstation with suitable plans 

Our concept also offers extensive scope for personalised designs. The workstation shown is designed for right-handed people; it can also be adapted for left-handed people. If you think the edging of the storage area for files at the front is too complicated, opt for a closed front instead: you can access the compartment from the side. It's your choice whether you want to fit it with open shelves or conceal it with a door.

Let inspiration be your guide. The assembly diagram provides more information on the layout. Now it's up to you to get creative. Tailor the workstation to suit your customer's requirements for height, width, equipment and materials.

At a glance: the mobile workstation

  • Can be implemented with all box and runner systems by Blum 

  • Comes in all heights, widths and depths to suit personal requirements 

  • Easy access to office supplies 

  • Inner dividing system keeps everything neat and tidy

  • Multifunctional workstation with a small footprint 

  • Promotes mobile working thanks to rollers

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