Season like a pro: how to store herbs and spices

May 2022
  • Why a base cabinet is ideal for storing spices

  • Where it should be located in the kitchen

  • How it's easy to see everything at a glance

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An age-old problem: chaos in the spice cabinet

Oregano and rosemary, cumin and turmeric, ginger, galangal and star anise – every cuisine in the world has its own seasonings. And almost every amateur chef has a large collection of them at the ready for culinary experiments. The small jars and sachets of spices quickly accumulate on shelves, or in drawers and wall cabinets.

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These items are often stored away from the cooking surface, so that every time herbs and spices are required it means moving back and forth around the kitchen. What's more, less frequently used seasonings shift to the back where they are forgotten over time. If stored on an open shelf right next to the hob, on the other hand, precious spices run the risk of being damaged by steam.

This begs the question: how can spices be stored so that the flavour is preserved, while efficient kitchen processes are also guaranteed?

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Storing seasonings – the right way to do it

As seasonings play a major role in everyday cooking and are required several times a day, they should always be to hand.

The ergonomics experts at Blum recommend planning a base cabinet for storing seasonings directly between the hob and the main work surface. After all, seasonings are required at different stages when preparing a meal: when preparing salads, vegetables, meat and fillings, and during the final stage as an addition to the cooking pot.

Seasonings stored in a pull-out near the hob are not affected by rising steam and the drawer can be closed quickly if the work surface gets wet.

A good spice cabinet can accommodate many items – even bottles and chopping boards.

Organisation made easy

How can you organise the spice cabinet perfectly so that you don't lose track of what's inside? This form of spice storage has a number of advantages:

  • Spices can be kept easily accessible in a drawer, where they stay dry and protected from light.

  • The convenient view from above gives chefs an immediate overview – everything is to hand, and fast.

  • A practical inner dividing system keeps herbs and spices organised, and holds them securely in the pull-out.

A detailed look at the perfect spice cabinet

In addition to spice holders in the top section, this furniture solution also has space for seasoning sauces, vinegar, oil and chopping boards in the bottom pull-out – everything a chef's heart desires to conjure up a masterpiece. The highlight: the hidden inner drawer has enough space for a small supply of foil or cling film.

The width of the cabinet depends on the space available in the kitchen as well as the personal requirements of the end user.

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Spices are stored in the top pull-out. A spice holder is essential for complete organisation, ensuring that the spice jars don't shift or topple over – so that everything stays in its place. The sloping shelves make the jars easy to reach and the labels easy to see.

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The pull-out with a high front provides space for a variety of items: seasoning sauces, vinegar and oil can all be stored here with ease. A combination of bottles and chopping boards, which can be stored upright and removed from the top, is also possible.

Eine geöffnete unterste Schublade eines Unterschranks mit einer ausgezogenen Innenschublade

An additional inner drawer makes ideal use of the available storage space to store foil, beeswax food wraps and cling film.

Narrow spice cabinet

With the SPACE TWIN, the Blum range also includes a solution for minimalists: this pull-out can be used in widths from just 15 cm. The upper level is perfect for spices, the lower level has a higher side panel. Vinegar and oil bottles are stored securely here.

Ein schmaler Auszug mit Gewürzen und Flaschen in einer weißen Küche

SPACE TWIN: there is plenty of space behind this narrow front. The lower level has an extra high side panel, so vinegar, oil and sauce bottles are stored securely. Spices are within easy reach at the top.

Storing spices in a pull-out: at a glance

  • The ideal place for storing spice jars is a pull-out between the hob and the main work surface.

  • Here, spices are kept dry and protected from light, and are readily accessible.

  • The jars are stored in a spice holder in the drawer where they can't tip over and the labels can be seen at a glance.

  • An additional inner drawer increases the usable storage space.

  • Oil and sauce bottles can also be stored in the bottom pull-out alongside chopping boards.

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