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March 22Storage space, Ergonomics
Ein Mann in einem braunen T-Shirt und einer Jeans Hose steht auf der Tritthilfe SPACE-STEP vor einem Schrank im Wohnzimmer und öffnet eine AVENTOS-Hochklappe, während ein Kind auf dem Boden sitzt und spielt
Not enough space for your belongings? Take another look: with individual cabinet solutions, any corner can be turned into storage space – from a furniture plinth to a corner cabinet, right through to the narrowest gap. We show you how places you would never have expected can be turned into storage space.

Spacious: storage space in the kitchen

Cans and bottles, chopping boards, herbs and spices, the list goes on – countless items need to be stored in the kitchen. Food storage in particular requires a lot of space for cans, Tetra Paks and small bags.

The solution: the larder unit. This cabinet solution fits into any kitchen – its height, width and depth can be flexibly adapted to the space available. And that's not all: the drawers can be opened individually, providing clear visibility and easy access to all contents. When an inner dividing system such as or is used, the new storage space also remains neat and tidy.

The SPACE TOWER is not only suitable for the kitchen, however – it brings order to towels, cosmetics and care products in the bathroom, and socks, washing and accessories in the bedroom.

Suitable for

  • Kitchen

  • Bedroom

  • Bathroom

  • Living room

  • Hall

Eine Küche in der ein Vorratsschrank mit verschiedenen Lebensmitteln zu sehen ist
The SPACE TOWERNot only creates storage space in the kitchen. Just a couple of adjustments to the height and inner dividing system and it becomes a shoe cupboard or part of the wardrobe.
Eine Frau sitzt auf einer Sitzgelegenheit welches ein Schuhschrank ist und zieht sich die Schuhe an
Ein schwarzer Kleiderschrank, welches auch SPACE TOWER genannt wird, mit geordneten Hemden und Pullovern

Unexpected: storage space in the furniture plinth

is the wow factor for your cabinet wall; the furniture plinth conceals a drawer, which, thanks to a retractable top, can also be used as a step.

This intelligent plinth solution creates storage space in two ways:

  • Firstly, the hidden step gives you easy access to higher shelves so there's no stopping you from using high cabinets with extra storage.

  • Secondly, items that are not often used can be stored inside the plinth.

And that's not all: SPACE STEP provides children with a safe platform to stand on to reach worktops and wash basins. Older members of the family will also appreciate the safe and stable step.

Suitable for

  • Kitchen

  • Hall and wardrobe

  • Living room

Ein Trittschrank, welches auch SPACE STEP genannt wird, in der Farbe dunkelgrau und rosa

Ingenious: storage space in recesses

With , even the narrowest gap can be turned into storage space: this pull-out can be used in recesses measuring just 15 to 20 centimetres in width. SPACE TWIN fits seamlessly into kitchen units in particular, as a storage space for herbs and spices, baking trays and chopping boards. To make sure everything is within easy reach while cooking, the SPACE TWIN should ideally be installed near the worktop and hob.

What's more, despite its narrow design, the cabinet is so stable and strong that it can be filled with heavy bottles, i.e. vinegar, oil and drinks.

Suitable for

  • Kitchen

  • Bathroom

Eine weiße Küche mit einem schmalen Unterschrank, welches auch SPACE TWIN genannt wird, mit Gewürzen und Flaschen

Smart: storage space in the corner cabinet

Corner cabinets are often under-appreciated; this is where pots, pans and bowls are stacked into towers. It's hard to reach anything without bending or searching, and what's at the back of the cabinet, nobody knows.

Not so with the SPACE CORNER, the innovative cabinet solution for corner cabinets. This provides the perfect solution even for hard-to-reach places; thanks to a pull-out in the corner cabinet, even the farthest corner can be reached with ease. The height and width of the SPACE CORNER can be flexibly adapted to the space available. High back and side walls further increase the storage capacity and prevent pans or bowls from falling backwards into the cabinet.

Suitable for

  • Kitchen

Die innovative Schranklösung SPACE CORNER lässt sich auf jeden Eckschrank anpassen
Auch Vorräte lassen sich in der innovativen Schranklösung SPACE CORNER für Eckschränke aufbewahren
Innovative Schranklösung für Eckschränke – hier zu sehen: SPACE CORNER zum Aufbewahren von Kochbesteck
SPACE CORNERThe corner cabinet solution for a better overview and easier access. The ORGA-LINE inner dividing system provides organisation and stability.

At a glance: create storage space anywhere

  • The SPACE TOWER tall cabinet provides a luxurious amount of storage space and quick access to items thanks to spacious pull-outs; its height, width and depth can be flexibly adjusted, meaning it fits seamlessly into any room.

  • The SPACE STEP plinth solution provides additional storage space in the furniture plinth as well as a safe and stable step for children and the elderly.

  • The innovative SPACE TWIN cabinet solution turns recesses with a width of just 15 to 20 centimetres into storage space.

  • The SPACE CORNER fully utilises corner cabinets by means of pull-outs – making bending and searching a thing of the past.

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