A perfect cabinet for pots and pans

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Cooking at the stove is so much easier when you've got all your utensils within reach. This cabinet provides plenty of space for pots, lids and cooking utensils.


Let's get cooking!

Many regard the stove as the heart of the kitchen. It's where delicious dishes are prepared, so its handy to have the correct lid for the pan ready and waiting! Ideally, pots and pans, lids and cooking utensils should be stored close the hob.

Wooden spoons at the ready

Whisks, wooden spoons and spatulas are best stored in a shallow drawer with a flexible inner dividing system. Having everything close to hand, and easy to find, makes cooking a much more pleasant experience.


The right lid for every pot

Your mouth-watering stew is bubbling away in the pot. You just need to put the lid on, but where is it? This deep drawer with internal organisation means everything has a place, making it so much easier to find the right lid. A practical ORGA-LINE cross divider with flexible lateral dividers or an AMBIA-LINE frame allows the lids to be stored upright. Its best to put the most frequently used items at the front of the pull out so they are readily accessible.


A safe place for your pans

Deep drawers with high backs and side panels are a practical solution for pots and pans They stop items falling out of the sides or back of the drawer.


Flexible and spacious

This cabinet comes in every width to suit your space and the number of pots and pans you want to store. A minimum width of 600 mm is recommended.


All advantages at a glance

  • Cooking utensils clearly arranged and readily accessible in the drawer under the hob

  • Pots and lids clearly organised for practical use

  • Pans are safely stored away thanks to high back and side panels

  • Flexible in width, depending on individual storage space needs

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