Sink cabinet with the WOW effect

4 minutes


Want to keep the sink area tidy? These practical ideas for sink cabinets create valuable storage space for everything you need around the sink.


Ingenious U-shaped storage

Washing-up liquid, sponges, brushes and dishwasher tablets are used on a daily basis. A U-shaped pull-out provides organised storage for all these items. It is available for cabinet widths of 800 mm or more and is installed directly under the sink. The solution keeps worktops free and ensures that washing-up items are immediately to hand..

Convenient waste separation

A high fronted pull-out gives you ample storage space for waste separation containers and provides easy access to bins. Convenience is important because this pull-out is opened around 30 times a day on average. If the sink cabinet is wide enough, you can also store cleaning agents neatly out of sight.


No space wasted

Clever planning is half the battle! A shallow inner drawer should fit in nicely behind the high front of the waste bin pull-out. This will give you valuable storage space for bin liners and much more.


Narrow sink cabinet

A high fronted pull-out with a shallow inner drawer is also the ideal solution for narrow sink cabinets. Waste bins are easily accessible from above and cleaning utensils can be stored neatly and hygienically.


Hands full? No problem!

Cooking can be a messy business. Your hands are often full, wet or dirty when you want to open the sink unit. This is where the SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system comes in. It is also available as an individual solution for waste bin pull-outs. No matter how wide the cabinet or how heavy the front, simply touch the front with your knee and the pull-out opens by itself. The front stays clean.


All advantages at a glance

  • U-shaped pull-out and inner drawer create extra storage space in the sink area

  • Convenient waste separation in the high fronted pull-out with full extension

  • Safe storage of cleaning agents

  • Tidy and organised interiors with AMBIA-LINE and ORGA-LINE inner dividing systems

  • Easy opening of handle-less fronts with SERVO-DRIVE uno as an individual solution

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