Office Tower – mobile office for micro spaces

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Most people can only dream of having their own office at home. For many it’s a challenge to find space for a small desk in their apartment. However, there is a growing trend towards working from home and there is a growing demand for places to work and learn through the necessity of home schooling. Most office furniture and workplaces take up a lot of space and are not flexible in use. Looking for some ideas on how to create your own home office? Is space at a premium?

The Office Tower workstation by Blum fits into even the tiniest home. The mobile office is a further development of a standing desk and maximises space for a laptop, office supplies and lots more on a small footprint. The desk can be moved on wheels. Integrated anti-tip features ensure that it is nice and sturdy and won’t tip over when drawers are opened at the same time. Pens, notepads, documents and folders are immediately to hand when needed. The Office Tower is a clever concept that creates mobile storage and provides instant access to work essentials.

The best thing about the office cabinet on wheels is that it fits into even the tiniest home and promotes mobile working. The Office Tower makes it quick and easy to set up your own home office and get down to work immediately. And when you decide to call it a day, you can quickly magic the rolling office away.

Mobile office furniture: Customised in design, versatile in use

Whether you need a workplace at home, a desk for your kids to do homework or a mobile office for trade shows, the Office Tower is an ideal “office assistant” and can be implemented with different box and runner systems. The cabinet solution is a clever combination of standard products by Blum which can be adapted in height to suit the user.


The mobile office cabinet has been developed by Blum’s Requirement Research Department. Nothing has been left to chance. Every component has been carefully positioned to ensure optimal functionality. Pull-outs are opened on opposite sides alternately to provide better access and guarantee stability. The upper worktop easily slides to one side, conveniently revealing an additional work area below. This means that you don’t have to clear things off the desktop to get to a laptop underneath. In other words, the mobile workstation is a workplace and office cabinet in one.

Easy to manufacture thanks to fully detailed drawings

The design can be customised to suit the user’s requirements. The piece of furniture shown is designed for right-handed people; it can also be adapted for left-handed people. If you think the edging of the storage area for files at the front is too complicated, opt for a closed front instead: you can access the compartment from the side. It’s up to you whether you want to fit it with open shelves or conceal it with a door. You will find more information on how to make the office furniture and fully detailed drawings in the download section.

Darstellung Office Tower

All advantages at a glance

  • Can be implemented with all box and runner systems by Blum

  • Comes in all heights, widths and depths to suit personal requirements

  • Easy access to office supplies

  • Highly functional office furniture with a small footprint

  • Promotes mobile working

  • Can be moved on wheels

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