Micro apartment: all eyes on the hallway

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Marie and Oliver will soon be moving to Berlin, but before they move into their first apartment together, they are testing out what living together in an extremely small space could be like at the Blum requirements research facility. The hallway is also used as storage space to ensure that the micro apartment of just 22 square metres provides space for all belongings – all the essentials have their place here, from shoes and winter blankets to household provisions.

The entrance area in focus

A micro apartment of just 22 square metres – strictly speaking, it's just a large room. In order that two adults can live here comfortably, all areas of the living space have to be optimised as far as possible. In terms of storage space, the planners at Blum requirements research rely on clever cabinet solutions which provide organisation and maximum storage space. Most of the storage space takes the form of built-in cabinets in the entrance area.

Cabinets extend up to the ceiling in the hallway of the micro apartment and are tailored precisely to the storage items. Our is used in different forms here and the width, height and depth of this cabinet solution can be adapted to the individual situation and therefore optimally uses the available space.

The sports fan is particularly excited: "I was worried I'd have to part with some of my trainers, but they'll all fit nicely into the pull-outs that can be opened individually. What's more, I can quickly access them from three sides."

The larder unit is situated in the hallway of the micro apartment. The advantage is that you can put away groceries straight after shopping.

Storage space right up to the ceiling

In order to maximise the storage space, the concept provides cabinets which are as high as possible in the entrance area – they extend to right below the ceiling. In order that the users' freedom of movement in the narrow hallway is not impaired, upwards-opening lift systems from the range are installed here to open the wall unit doors.

This offers numerous benefits, as there are no doors getting in the way that you could bump into. Convenience is also maintained, as even large, heavy lift systems are easy to move. Depending on the requirements of the space, the range offers six different lift system types – meaning that the right solution is on offer for every room size and all tastes.

Extra storage space in the plinth is a real wow moment

The SPACE STEP plinth solution not only serves as a step, but also offers additional storage space.

A surprise for Oliver and Marie as there is additional storage space under the SPACE STEP.

Marie is able to reach the top lift systems in the entrance area using the SPACE STEP.

The plinth step as a hidden accessory

The is installed in the plinth of the hallway cabinets and the pull-out drawer can be used as step. Marie is immediately impressed: "I'm quite small and have never been keen on overhead cupboards because I always thought I wouldn't be able to reach the items stored there. But the step with an integrated drawer is a brilliant solution." The drawer hidden beneath the plinth step creates extra storage space by utilising otherwise wasted space behind the plinth front.

To sum up, this hallway is smart

Marie and Oliver were wowed time and time again in the micro apartment. Thanks to creative solutions such as the SPACE TOWER and SPACE STEP, each and every square centimetre is used as storage space. This will also be key in their future apartment and the two will take a whole load of good ideas with them.

The micro hallway at a glance

  • Even the smallest of spaces have to be used as storage space in small apartments – particularly when multiple people are sharing.

  • This is effortless thanks to clever solutions such as the SPACE TOWER, a cabinet which can be flexibly adapted to the available space.

  • You have to ensure that you make use of what space there is. For example, you can place a larder unit in hallway, meaning that you can pack away your shopping as soon as you come in.

  • To ensure that you can make the best possible use of the storage space right up to the ceiling, lift systems which open doors upwards are recommended – allowing maximum freedom of movement, even in narrow hallways.

  • Make optimum use of narrow, deep cabinets by combining traditional cabinet doors with a clothes pull-out behind it,

  • and also ensure that the top cabinet compartment is still easy to reach with SPACE STEP, a step in the plinth.

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