Micro apartment: living and sleeping in one room

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Marie and Oliver are about to move into their first apartment together – to Berlin where space is tight. The pair visit the Blum requirements research facility to find out how living together in the smallest of spaces can work. The living room is cleverly combined with the bedroom here.

A bedroom without a bed?

The moment you enter the room you will be surprised to see that there's no bed! That's true – but anyone who wants to have a fully functional apartment in 22 square metres has to find creative solutions.

Bedroom and living room combined in a single room. In order for this to work, the sofa has to have a dual role – during the day it is used for relaxing and at night it is used for sleeping, as it can be converted to a comfortable sleeping area in no time.

A well-concealed wardrobe

There is usually a wardrobe in the bedroom but in this case it has been integrated into the large wall unit which extends across the hallway and living room – with pull-out clothes rails which make efficient use of the full depth of the unit. "It's like a walk-in wardrobe," jokes Oliver with a twinkle in his eyes, taking in the large quantity of clothes that have been tidied away. The clothes pull-out closes softly and effortlessly with soft-close .

One surprise after another

Other furniture in the living room cum bedroom is also full of surprises,

  • herbs can be grown all year round in a pull-out in the wall unit thanks to the built-in grow light.

  • The seating in the TV area is home to additional storage space, with spacious pull-outs, which in some cases feature inner drawers. Rarely used items or seasonal clothing are stored in the top cabinet compartments, opened with the lift system. "Sports equipment, ornaments, even extra cushions – it's all there," says Marie taken aback.

  • A pull-out minibar including cocktail glasses is right next to the sofa and a narrow cabinet utilises the back of the kitchen and can be opened by simply touching the motion support system.

"This is wonderful," exclaims Marie as she discovers the pull-out with fresh herbs in the adjacent cabinet. You can grow small plants all year round (without a balcony) thanks to special grow lights.

Additional storage space can be found under the seating of the cosy bench in the TV area. The top cabinet compartments have lift systems – meaning the fronts move up and out of the user's way.

Oliver sits on the armrest of the sofa and discovers another secret storage space. "I love it!" he says delightedly, and declares that this side of the sofa is his.

To sum up, this is how to live

Once Marie and Oliver put the combined living room and bedroom through its paces, the two enjoy a break. The couple agree that they want to use their space just as efficiently as in the test home at the Blum requirements research facility when they move to their apartment in Berlin.

Combined living room and bedroom at a glance

  • Anyone lacking in living space can combine their bedroom and living room thanks to creative solutions.

  • A sofa which can be converted to a bed with a large sleeping area is ideal in this case.

  • A wardrobe can be integrated into a space-saving wall unit. Pull-out clothes rails that make use of the entire depth of the cabinet are recommended here.

  • Extraordinary ideas complete the space-saving wonder: pull-outs in benches create additional storage space and the top cabinet compartments have lift systems for the doors so that the fronts move up and out of the user's way.

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