Micro apartment: small kitchen for big foodies

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Before Marie and Oliver move in together in Berlin, they test out what living together in an extremely small space could be like at the Blum requirements research facility – can you actually fit everything you need in 22 square metres? The kitchen measures just 4 square metres but is still fully equipped.

Small, but packs a punch

Can you fit everything a passionate amateur cook needs to do justice to their craft in just 4 square metres? Blum requirements research says yes – and is happy to prove it. In the micro apartment in the test laboratory, Marie and Oliver discover in how you can set up a fully functional kitchen in the smallest of spaces thanks to clever cabinet solutions.

Storage space is the main attraction

To ensure that there is room for everything in the smallest of spaces, the Blum requirements researchers have pulled out all the stops – with inner dividing systems in the drawers, concealed storage space and solutions which make the most out of every centimetre. Marie and Oliver are amazed: "Wow! There are just a few cabinets but they've been organised so well," praises Oliver. "Every drawer has been divided into compartments, now that's clever."

Using all the tricks in the bookInner dividing systems in the drawers create order, while a U-shaped pull-out under the sink and additional storage space in the plinth step really wow.

Everything in reach – thanks to hidden step aids

They soon find the crockery cabinet. A ceiling-high wall cabinet offers space for enough crockery even for guests. Thanks to the lift systems, there are no doors protruding into the kitchen which you could bump your head on. With the plinth step, Marie effortlessly reaches even glasses and cups stored in the top compartment, meaning that the storage space can be maximised right up to the ceiling, without the crockery being inaccessible.

Blum requirements researcher Belinda observes Marie and Oliver to assess their experiences with the products later: "It's fantastic how straightforward and intuitive the pair found the hidden plinth steps."

The micro kitchen at a glance

Well-thought-out internal elements

Wide pull-outs with inner dividing systems are located between the sink and hob. There is a drawer for cutlery and cooking utensils and a pull-out for spices, bowls and pots. "The interiors are beautifully organised," says Marie impressed. "By divvying up the space into sections you can combine things that would otherwise be kept in separate places."

Not just that, but thanks to the well-thought-out inner dividing system, everything is close at hand and is well organised – essential in a small kitchen where even the slightest amount of clutter can be irritating.

Everything has its place here thanks to the AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system. The most important tools for cooking are stored directly under the hob.

There is enough space even for herbs and spices as well as pots and pans. You can reach every ingredient in a flash with the separate spice holder.

Bulky items such as pots and pans are stored in the bottom pull-out as well as provisions and additional ingredients.

A U-shaped pull-out under the sink creates storage space that did not previously exist, which can be used to store sponges and washing-up liquid, for example. It is also used to store a waste bin – meaning that kitchen waste can easily be swept away.

Narrow storage wonder unit

The tall cabinet opposite contains a refrigerator, oven and dishwasher. Next to it is a standard tall cabinet with the innovative solution. This cabinet design uses small gaps of just 15 to 20 centimetres to create storage space.

The SPACE TWIN contains foil, kitchen towels and much more alongside storage containers and bottles in the Blum micro apartment. "I'm amazed by the incredible number of hidden storage ideas built into such a small space. I love the narrow cabinets. I hadn't expected anything like this," says Marie impressed.

Dining area with added function and potential to expand

If required, the compact dining area can be expanded to include two additional seats so that Marie and Oliver can have guests round. One thing that is particularly surprising is that there is even additional storage space under the table surface. "This table is nice and practical for prepping food together," chips in Oliver, who is a practical thinker. "Each of us has their own worktop space." There is even storage space for the folding chairs.

Space for two...

...including storage space under the table surface and...

...extension for use by four people.

In summary: we're cooking with gas

Marie and Oliver sit back and relax in the sitting area and sum up their experiences. "Everything's so easy," says Marie. "I never thought it, but you quickly get used to the and the concealed shelves and drawers." Oliver also agrees: "You've got everything your heart desires here. Thanks to all these practical ideas, we're well equipped for our new apartment in Berlin," he sums up happily.

The micro kitchen at a glance

  • Four square metres is enough to create a fully equipped kitchen which can keep a two-person household well fed.

  • Storage space is maximised wherever possible – for example using tall cabinets which reach up to just below the ceiling. Thanks to a concealed step solution in the plinth which can also be used for storage, you can also access items in the top compartments.

  • Inner dividing systems in drawers and cabinets ensure organisation and a clear overview, so that everything is within easy reach.

  • A U-shaped pull-out under the sink creates additional space around the washbasin, for example for sponges, cleaning materials and waste bins.

  • With innovative cabinet solutions such as the SPACE TWIN, you can make use of even the smallest of spaces and transform them into storage space.

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