Micro apartment: small bathroom, perfectly utilised

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Ein Mann mit Brille und schwarzem Jacket und eine Frau in einem dunkelroten Pullover öffnen einen Schrank im Badezimmer
Before Marie and Oliver move into their first shared home in Berlin, they will be able to empirically test what it might be like to live in a small space. As part of an experiment by Blum requirements research, they will explore a 22 square metre micro apartment. Their first stop: the bathroom.

The challenge: storage space for two

How does one create enough storage space for two people in around four square metres? The Blum micro apartment pushes the boundaries of a conventional apartment; above the washbasin is a spacious mirror cabinet with CRISTALLO hinges from the series. Thanks to its wide opening angle, the mirror cabinet is the perfect place to store everyday items, from cosmetics and perfumes to aftershave.

Grundrisszeichnung einer Mikrowohnung

The wow factor: pull-out beneath the washbasin

Further care accessories can be stored directly beneath the washbasin. A U-shaped pull-out creates space here that did not previously exist. Oliver is impressed: "I was really surprised by this drawer. What a fantastic solution for both kitchens and bathrooms," he says.

The highlight: the turns the space around the waste pipe into storage space, meaning every inch is utilised. This clever design can be implemented with all box systems by Blum.

Ein Mann und eine Frau sind im Badezimmer und schauen sich den ausgezogenen Spülenauszug im Badezimmer an

Handle-less fronts: elegant design, maximum ease of use

The specialists from Blum have installed handle-less fronts throughout to prevent handles from protruding into the room, which limits the freedom of movement of occupants. A light press is all that's required – thanks to the electrical opening support system, the drawers open by themselves. The couple quickly latched on to Blum's and motion technologies.

"I really like handle-less fronts – and when a sleek look is combined with electrical opening support and soft and effortless closing, well, I'm hooked," says Marie. Oliver has made his mind up about their shared home: "I definitely want this in our new apartment," says the future Berlin resident.

Ansicht von oben auf ein Badezimmer mit Spülbecken, Toilette und einem Schrank in dem sich ein Mann und eine Frau befinden

Surprisingly different: the washing machine cabinet

The washing machine is housed in a cabinet opposite the shower. The cabinet solution is also installed here: a particularly narrow cabinet that transforms even the smallest of gaps into storage space.

The narrow pull-out in the washing machine cabinet not only features the SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening system, but also contains a further surprise: a small, extendible clothes airer. "Obviously, it's not for all the washing, just for single items," explains Belinda, who has been closely monitoring the experiment. "But it's very practical for hanging up towels in the bathroom."

The conclusion: small but powerful

A fully equipped, functional bathroom in just four square metres? Marie and Oliver couldn't imagine it – until now. The expert solutions from Blum requirements research convinced them that a huge amount of storage space is concealed in the smallest of rooms. Thanks to the input from Belinda and her team, the pair now know what to watch out for when planning and furnishing their first shared home.

At a glance: the micro bathroom

  • A quality bathroom can be created in even the smallest of spaces.

  • In order to maximise storage space, the washing machine is housed in a tall bathroom cabinet. This creates space above and below for laundry detergents and housekeeping utensils. With clever solutions such as the SPACE TWIN, there is even space here for an extendible clothes airer.

  • A U-shaped pull-out under the washbasin creates new storage space for small items that need to be within easy reach.

  • A space-saving bi-fold door should ideally be fitted on the shower so that the space surrounding it does not have to remain empty for a free-swinging door.

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