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May 23Lifestyle
Eine Frau mit einem blau-weißen Pullover steht in einer Küche und knetet auf einer schwarzen Arbeitsplatte Teig
A farmer who bakes and blogs – that's Christina Bauer. With her lovingly designed baking recipes, she has won the hearts of thousands of people both online and offline. The friendly Salzburg native has now opened her store in Tamsweg; Christina's bakery is a bakery, café, office, warehouse and dispatch centre in one. The interior design combines tradition and progress to create a successful overall concept.

Christina Bauer shares her love of home baking and recipes for success in her blog as well as several cookbooks. She also offers baking courses, runs a café and sells everything the amateur baker needs in her shop. Her headquarters are her bakery – a feel-good place that makes every baking fan's heart beat faster.

Ein Verkaufsraum mit Lebensmitteln und Büromaterial
The perfect combination of traditional and modernAnyone entering Christina's bakery is greeted by the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread. The bright and airy space is immediately inviting. Solid wood furniture radiates peace and tranquillity, but at the same time functionality. It is immediately apparent that the 35-year-old pays great attention to detail.
Eine Frau mit blonden Haaren und einem blau-weißen Pullover steht in der Küche und lächelt
Eine Küche mit einer AVENTOS Hochklappe, breite Schubladen und einem Vorratsschrank SPACETOWER

The contrast from the traditional was important to Christina, especially since she is very active in the digital world. The same was true for regional ties: "The cabinet maker who planned and built all of the furniture is a long-standing family friend. He has already worked on our kitchen at home and furnished our holiday apartments a few years ago," explains Christina. "We thought carefully about how we wanted to divide up the space in the bakery. Through our business, we already had a lot of experience of how the processes work and were able to determine which areas should be located where."

The cabinet maker has been working with Blum for a very long time – all our furniture at home also has Blum fittings.Christina
Eine Frau mit blonden Haaren, einem Zopf und einem blau-weißen Pullover formt aus einem Teig kleine Kugeln während gegenüber von ihr eine Frau mit braunen Haaren und einem blauen Pullover steht

Show kitchen with smart touches

The spacious show kitchen is located in the centre of the bakery next to the shop. Here, visitors can look over Christina's shoulder during small demonstrations, learn tips and tricks and talk shop about baking.

Eine Frau mit blonden Haaren und einem blau-weißen Pullover entnimmt aus einem Spender Getreide
Ein geöffneter Unterschrank mit schwarzen und weißen Tellern
Eine Frau mit blonden Haaren und einem blau-weißen Pullover steht in einer Küche und öffnet eine Schublade mit Besteck
"When baking, it's ideal to have all my utensils clearly arranged and immediately to hand," says the expert.

She bakes fresh bread rolls especially for Blum and shows us her favourite features of the show kitchen, namely the spacious , in which she is able to find the most important utensils right away.

Since this is also where the food is served for the café's guests, the kitchen has plenty of storage space for dishes and glasses. To make sure everything runs smoothly and employees in the kitchen don't crash into obstacles, the wall cabinets are equipped with . The breakfast table is set for a cosy get-together in no time at all.

Eine Frau mit einem blau-weißen Pullover öffnet in einer Küche einen Oberschrank bei dem Gläser zu sehen sind

Focus on regionality and sustainability

Regionality and sustainability are especially close to Christina's heart. Thanks to a cooperation with a local mill, a variety of flours are available for purchase. In the bakery itself, there is a flour mill and countless varieties of unpackaged baking ingredients such as seeds, grains and cereals that can be freshly ground on site and taken away in their own containers.

Eine Frau mit blonden Haaren und einem blau-weißen Pullover steht in der Küche während auf der Arbeitsplatte Teigkugeln zu sehen sind

Overview and organisation are essential for baking professionals like Christina. In the kitchen, the SPACE TOWER tall cabinet with individual pull-out inner drawers functions as a pantry. Thanks to the practical pull-outs, flour, malt and spices are clearly organised and immediately to hand.

Eine Frau mit blonden Haaren, einem blau-weißen Pullover und einer schwarzen Hose steht in der Küche und öffnet mit ihrem Fuß den Spülenunterschrank

When kneading dough, it is not uncommon for your hands to be covered in flour or leftover dough. The waste bin pull-out with SERVO-DRIVE opens with a single touch and is a practical detail that Christina can no longer live without.

Eine Frau mit blonden Haaren, einem blau-weißen Pullover und einer schwarzen Hose steht auf einer Tritthilfe und macht Kaffee in den Kaffeeautomaten rein

The SPACE STEP plinth solution was requested by the women who work in the café. "One of our colleagues is quite short. She suggested this idea so that she can easily refill the beans in the big coffee machine. Everyone loves this step," explains Christina, laughing.

Eine Hand öffnet einen Schrank mit großen Schubladen mit verschiedenen Lebensmitteln

The solid wood shop counters are also tailor-made. The discreet drawers contain a stock of shop items, have a smooth running action and provide an excellent view of the contents.

New projects are already in the works

The bakery has turned into a successful business, but Christina has no plans to slow down. The creative Salzburg native is already working on her next big project: an online baking course to help her fans learn step-by-step how to bake handmade delicacies in their own kitchens.

What does she like most about her bakery and café? Christina doesn't have to think twice: "My team is the most important and best thing about it for me. Without these hard-working people, who give their best every day, it wouldn't work," she says, visibly proud.

Eine Frau mit blonden Haaren und einem blau-weißen Pullover zeigt ihre gebackenen Semmel die auf einem Backblech liegen

At a glance: Christina's bakery

  • Christina's bakery is a bakery, café, office, warehouse and dispatch centre in one.

  • The interior designer has created a harmonic combination of traditional and modern.

  • To ensure workflows run smoothly, everything in the kitchen has been thought through down to the very last detail. Blum products enable fine-tuning: drawers contain inner dividing systems such as AMBIA-LINE, tall cabinets feature AVENTOS lift systems that open upwards and the SPACE STEP allows employees to reach even the highest shelves.

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