Five problem areas in the kitchen – solved!

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Eine Frau mit blonden Haaren, einem schwarzen T-Shirt und einer Jeanshose kniet sich vor einem Vorratsschrank nieder und räumt ihre Vorräte aus
Too little storage space, chaos in cabinets and constantly bumping into open cabinet doors: outdated kitchens in particular leave a lot to be desired in terms of functionality. Alexandra Becker is also dissatisfied with this. It's time for a kitchen renovation – we help you to redesign your kitchen and show you how to eliminate the five most frustrating problem areas in the kitchen.

When a kitchen is making life difficult

When a kitchen becomes outdated, this is not only noticeable from the kitchen fronts, but also when using the kitchen. Alexandra Becker, HR rep from Vienna, is noticing this more and more every day. "I'm always hitting my head on the cabinet door when I empty the dishwasher," she explains. But that's not the only problem area that Alexandra highlights: a kitchen renovation is needed.

Eine unordentliche Schublade mit Küchenutensilien
These are the five most frequent problem areas in the kitchenCluttered food storage, difficult-to-reach ingredients and intrusive wall cabinet doors – all things that slow Alexandra down in the kitchen.
Eine Frau mit blonden Haaren, einem schwarzen T-Shirt, einer blauen Hose und weißen Sportschuhen sucht in einem Unterschrank nach Essen
Eine Frau sucht in einem Schrank nach einem Gewürz
intrusive wall cabinet doors

The open cabinet doors protrude into the small space. Alexandra always has to take care not to bump into them.

Chaos in drawers

Knives and cooking utensils slide all over the place in the drawers. Every day she has to search for items.

Hard-to-reach items

To reach ingredients right at the back, Alexandra has to empty the entire cabinet. Also she doesn't have a clear view of what she still has in stock.

Cluttered ingredients

Alexandra has to rummage around to find spice jars or bottles of vinegar and oil. This takes up unnecessary time.

Untidy sink cabinet

Waste bins, cleaning products and more are in a messy pile, wasting valuable storage space due to disorganisation.

In a detailed conversation with her cabinet maker, Alexandra describes her difficulties in the outdated kitchen. It quickly becomes clear that replacing worktops and fronts is not enough. They work on a plan to renovate the kitchen, which Alexandra can test out in terms of suitability for everyday use at the Blum showroom.

In my new kitchen I need efficient workflows, an ergonomic setup and a contemporary design.Alexandra Becker
Eine Küche in weiß, eine Arbeitsfläche in schwarz und einem Obstkorb auf der Arbeitsfläche

Goodbye problem areas, hello new kitchen

Alexandra is delighted: the kitchen renovation involving a total revamp is a complete success. The U-shaped kitchen design combined with dark fronts looks elegant and modern. Clever organisation means that Alexandra can now work efficiently. And the most important part: frustrating problem areas are finally history.

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Wall cabinets with lift systems maximise freedom of movement: the front of the AVENTOS bi-fold lift system opens with a single touch. It moves up and out of the way, giving Alexandra easy access to her crockery. The front can be closed by hand or using the SERVO-DRIVE switch.

Eine Besteckschublade mit verschiedene Küchenutensilien

In LEGRABOX drawers with matching AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system, chopping boards, bowls and kitchen utensils are always within easy reach. The AMBIA-LINE knife holder can hold up to nine knives. Alexandra can now find what she is looking for straight away.

Eine Frau mit blonden Haaren, einem beigen Oberteil entnimmt aus einem Schrank eine Konservendose während sie in der Küche steht

Alexandra can now reach items with ease from all sides. The SPACE TOWER larder unit impresses with its full extensions that can be opened individually and can hold up to 70 kg. The width, height and depth of the unit can be adapted to the space available and personal requirements.

Eine aufgeräumte Schublade mit verschiedenen Gewürzen

The AMBIA-LINE spice holder provides clarity and organisation in the drawer. This inner dividing system also holds bottles of vinegar and oil securely. So that Alexandra has everything within reach when cooking, herbs and spices, vinegar and oil are stored exactly where they're needed – near the hob and the main work surface.

Eine Frauenhand öffnet einen u-förmigen, schwarzen Spülenauszug

The sink cabinet has been given a makeover: sponges, brushes, dishwasher tablets and washing-up liquid finally have the space they need. The U-shaped sink pull-out from Blum makes full use of the space to the left and right of the sink and creates useful storage space. The waste system in the pull-out also provides easy access.

Turn old...

...into new

Five tips for renovating a kitchen

  • Modern lift systems that move up and out of the way are ideal in small kitchens.

  • In a larder unit with individual drawers, all items are within easy reach.

  • Dividing systems in drawers ensure clear visibility and easy access.

  • A high drawer with a matching inner dividing system near the hob is ideal for herbs, spices and bottles.

  • There are special U-shaped pull-outs for sink cabinets to optimise the use of storage space.

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