Making perfect use of storage space under the stairs

May 2022
  • How to use the space under the stairs to extend the kitchen

  • Elements that are a perfect fit for the hall 

  • A good place for books and CDs under the stairs

No space wasted

It's the central element of any multi-storey home: the staircase! There is often a great deal of storage space available under the stairs – and storage space is a precious commodity in most households. However, people often overlook the fact that the staircase is just a few practical steps away from becoming attractive storage space – and even a unique eye-catcher!

We'd like to show you three ways to make creative and practical use of this space.

1. Kitchen furniture under the stairs

At home with the Lubetz family, the stairs are in a central location and border the cooking and dining areas. As a result, expanding the kitchen using the space available under the stairs was a no-brainer. In addition to electrical appliances, this space is also home to generously designed pull-outs for cookware. It's so well thought-out that even the robot vacuum cleaner complete with charging station has its own spot behind a small, handle-less door that opens conveniently at a gentle touch.

Practical solutions:

  • Spacious

  • Shelves with bespoke doors tailored to the rise of the stairs

  • TIP-ON opening support system for clean, handle-less look

Bespoke cabinets utilise every spare inch of space under the stairs.

Extra-large drawers offer space a-plenty for pots, pans and more.

Always ready for use: the robot vacuum cleaner emerges from the recess when duty calls.

2. Expansion of the hall

In the Rojas family home, the stairs are directly in the entrance area. Underneath, the built-in cupboards are home to shoes, hats and the kids' outdoor clothing. This means that the hallway is always tidy and everything remains within easy reach. Every last inch has been put to good use here too: wrapping paper, which often never has a proper place, is stored in a practical and easily accessible way. The staircase solution uses both drawers and practical , so the family can easily see what's inside and reach any item they need – even in the furthest corner. 

Practical solutions:

  • Pull-out shelves for shoes, games and rolls of wrapping paper

  • High drawers for hats, outdoor clothing and much more

  • Bespoke doors tailored to the rise of the stairs

3. Eye-catching pull-outs for CDs

After its historic building was converted, the public library in Wangen im Allgäu didn't let the empty space under the stairs go to waste either. Instead, it has become home to audio books of various genres, which are clearly organised and easily accessible. The white cabinets provide an interesting contrast to the substantial wooden beams. Having a book shelf under the stairs for a small library is a nice idea in private homes too. And if there's a comfy reading chair nearby, this often underappreciated space is transformed into a cosy reading nook.

Practical solutions:

  • Different sized drawers that are clearly visible from the front, with heights to match that of the stairs

Be it a built-in cabinet that serves as a quick hiding place for odds and ends or an open furniture solution as a highlight under the stairs: the possibilities are endless. A skilled cabinet maker conjures up made-to-measure furniture and can make optimal use of the space.

All advantages at a glance

  • Make use of storage space under the stairs that is often forgotten about

  • Pull-outs under the stairs provide optimal access

  • Even small gaps can be put to practical use with compartments and lift systems

  • Use eye-catching open furniture solutions under the stairs for additional storage

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