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Pär and his family live in Jönköping, 80 miles (130 kilometres) east of Gothenburg, Sweden. The 44-year-old loves rock music and is a passionate record collector. He had a bespoke cabinet made for his LPs.

Best vinyl storage solution

Pär is particularly attached to his very first LP, Destroyer by American hard rock band KISS, "although the band has released better albums in the past," admits the music fan. He has an emotional attachment to a great many of his other treasures too. Certain albums awaken memories and remind him of experiences and concerts he went to. Over the years the Swede has collected more than 450 records covering all genres of music. "The main issue for collectors is the best way to store all the vinyl records. Of course you have to store them upright, but it's always been important to me to play my LPs, to access them from all sides and to be able to see the cover when looking for a specific album," explains the sales employee. Another important aspect is that the collection is close to the record player, which takes centre stage in the flat.

Storing vinyl is a big challenge for all music lovers. I've come up with a solution that meets my needs perfectly.

Small living areas call for space-saving solutions

Pär and his family moved from a house to a new flat so there was less space for them all. There was also less space for his hobby. However, Pär saw the opportunity to have a bespoke storage solution fitted into his home. "The design is based on my larder unit in the kitchen, which has individual drawers and can be easily accessed from all sides," says Pär and adds: "There are no doors because I wanted to put the spotlight on my records."

Pär looked to the larder unit in the kitchen as a model for his record cabinet. He wanted to design an equally practical and space-saving solution for his LPs.

Harmonious composition

"I discussed the 'basic laws' with my cabinet maker. He racked his brains and came up with a solution that fits beautifully into our living room and goes well with the design of our other furniture," says Pär, explaining the planning procedure. The cabinet solution comes in all heights, widths and depths so the cabinet maker designed the record cabinet to fit into the space right next to the record player and blend discreetly into the living room.

During the planning stages, Pär's cabinet maker used the SPACE TOWER larder unit in the kitchen as the basis for tailoring the height, width and depth of the practical cabinet to create the required storage space. The LPs fit perfectly, plus the cabinet is ready to be equipped with further options – such as an electrical or mechanical opening support system.

Easy access

The bespoke record cabinet was made in no time. Pär's requirements are met by six drawers that open individually (Blum's in silk white), installed in a cabinet without a door. "I have instant access to all my records and can use my own system to organise them. Unlike other vinyl collectors, I don't keep my LPs in alphabetical order. Sometimes I organise them by band, sometimes by title and sometimes by theme," confides the father-of-two.

The LEGRABOX inner pull-out goes perfectly with the design of the record cabinet. Just like the SPACE TOWER larder unit in his kitchen, Pär simply opens the right drawer and can easily access the record from all three sides without having to bend down or hunt for what he is looking for.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Can be implemented with all box and runner systems by Blum

  • Comes in all heights, widths and depths to suit personal requirements

  • Can be combined with an electrical or mechanical opening support system

  • Easy access from three sides

  • Quick removal from above

  • Easy to open and close even when heavily laden

  • Optimal use of storage space with high and closed pull-outs

  • High load bearing capacity of up to 70 kg per pull-out

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