Entrance area: The perfect storage for everything

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Feldkirch, Austria

Marie and Oliver try out the micro apartment designed by Blum’s Requirement Research Department before they move to Berlin. What they want to know is, how can they optimise their living space with clever cabinet solutions? To maximise storage in the micro apartment, cabinets extend to the ceiling and are tailored to specific storage items.

Marie and Oliver accepted the challenge: 'Living in a very small space' | Blum Inspirations

One cabinet, different applications

The clever SPACE TOWER cabinet makes full use of the space available and comes in multiple widths, heights and depths to suit the application – be it a shoe cabinet in the hallway or a larder unit for the kitchen.


Marie and Oliver are convinced of SPACE TOWER; the sneakers fan is overjoyed: “I was worried I’d have to part with some of my sneakers, but they’ll all fit nicely into the drawers which can be opened individually. What’s more, I can quickly access them from all three sides,” adds the IT expert.


Blum’s Requirement Research team has also fitted the larder unit into the hallway of the small apartment. The advantage is that you can put away groceries straight after shopping.

Up-high storage and easy accessibility

The wall cabinets equipped with AVENTOS lift systems not only optimise space. Fronts glide up and out of the user’s way, providing full freedom of movement. Even heavy fronts are easy to open and close. Blum’s wide range of six different lift systems gives you the right solution for almost any application, any size of room and any taste.

AVENTOS provides optimal usage of storage space in wall cabinets | Blum Inspirations

Hidden accessory: Plinth Step

“I’m quite small and have never been keen on overhead cupboards because I always thought I wouldn’t be able to reach the items stored there. But the step with an integrated drawer is a brilliant solution,” says Marie, describing her positive experience with SPACE STEP. In addition, the plinth step with an integrated drawer creates extra storage by utilising otherwise wasted space behind the cabinet toe kick. For Marie and Oliver, space is at a premium in their new flat – just like in the micro apartment.

Hidden accessory: SPACE STEP the plinth solution | Blum Inspirations

Belinda explains to Marie and Oliver how the SPACE STEP plinth step works and what possibilities it offers.

There are three different plinth options to choose from. In other words, SPACE STEP is suitable for a wide range of applications and is used in all living areas of the 22-square-metre apartment.


All advantages at a glance

  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinets

  • Custom cabinet solutions

  • Wall cabinets with lift systems for easy access and clear visibility

  • SPACE STEP as a “step stool” with integrated storage

  • SERVO-DRIVE for supreme opening and closing ease

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