Pull-out shelf: a versatile work space with a secure hold

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Quality of living is not only determined by design but also by convenience. When an additional surface is needed, our pull-out shelves lock securely in the extended position, and can be released again with just a single movement.


Take a load off on laundry day

While mum is out and about, Andreas and 2-year-old Valentin take care of the laundry. His cuddly toy 'Foxy' likes to lend a hand too. A light touch is all that's needed and the practical pull-out shelf comes out from under the washing machine, creating an additional surface. The locking mechanism engages on both sides and secures the pull-out. Now there's plenty of space for the washing basket and the bedding is ready to hang up in no time at all. What's great is that the pull-out shelves – either the MOVENTO with up to 40 kg or the TANDEM with up to 30 kg – remain stable and in place. To keep his little rascal under control while he's carrying out household chores, dad Andreas plays aeroplane with him and lets Valentin 'fly' in the washing basket. Once the lock-open stop has been released, the pull-out shelf disappears into the cabinet again with just a gentle push.


Stability for pull-out shelves in the kitchen too

An appliance garage with pull-out shelf is ideal for storing your kitchen appliances while keeping them within easy reach at all times. Emma benefits from this solution for her food processor. Thanks to the convenient lock-open stop, appliances remain stable even when they are in use. Her cake is sure to be a success, even if her friend has to play the role of her "phone a friend" to get the ratios of the ingredients right!


Paperwork made easy

We all know the feeling. You've left your tax return and all its paperwork to the very last minute. Anja is the same but she has a small yet reliable helper. The personnel specialist places her documents and folders on the pull-out shelf so she can work standing up. Once she's done, she releases the pull-out shelf lock with one hand and with a little push the pull-out shelf disappears into the cabinet, leaving her home office looking tidy again.


A perfect evening

Florian has treated himself to a home bar in the wall cabinet of his new apartment. The amateur bartender enthusiastically prepares cocktails on the extended pull-out shelf. The pull-out shelf lock provides the necessary stability which means there's no slipping or spills – so his girlfriend Laura likes it too. Together, they while away a cosy evening on the sofa. It's all tidied away in no time at all too: just push the pull-out shelf in and close the AVENTOS lift system.


Pull-out shelves enhance quality of living in all areas of the home.


All advantages at a glance

  • Secure hold for pull-out shelves

  • Create additional surfaces

  • Can take a maximum load of up to 30 or 40 kilogrammes

  • Can be released with one hand: easy to use thanks to synchronisation

  • Motion technology provides greater convenience

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