Cooking in comfort with the right cabinets

February 22KitchenStorage space, Ergonomics
Eine weiße Küche mit Küchenzeile und Kochinsel mit mehreren geöffneten Schränken und Schubladen
Cooking in comfort thanks to the right cabinets? It sounds rather fantastical, but it's not. With well-planned kitchen cabinets, meals can be prepared quickly and efficiently.

For many years, Blum's requirements research team has been working on how to design kitchens to meet the needs and requirements of everyday life. The findings from empirical tests and extensive expertise have resulted in functional ideas for cabinets that offer every kitchen the full package when it comes to function and convenience.

Eine geöffnete, weiße Gewürzschublade neben einem Kochfeld
The kitchen of good ideasCleverly plan base cabinets, maximise storage space, install ergonomic aids: this is what a well-designed kitchen looks like.
Ein geöffneter Vorratsschrank SPACE TOWER mit drei ausgezogenen, mit Vorräten befüllten Schubladen
Ein Mann mit einem Blumenstrauß in der Hand und eine Frau, die auf einer Tritterhöhung steht, in einen geöffneten Schrank greift und eine Glasvase in der Hand hält

Perfect planning: how it's done

Preparing and stocking, cooking and seasoning, storing and washing up: let's take a look at the individual areas of a well-organised kitchen and run through the tasks that typically take place there:

At a glance: organising kitchen cabinets

  • Well-organised kitchen cabinets in the right layout minimise to-ing and fro-ing and enhance efficiency.

  • The most important items should be stored right where they are used: for example, knives and other kitchen utensils are kept in the drawer under the worktop. Pots and pans are stored in the drawers under the hob.

  • From the larder unit to the under-sink cabinet, the same thing applies: if the kitchen cabinets are fitted with pull-outs instead of doors, life is made easier. This keeps bending down and rummaging around for items to a minimum.

  • Existing storage space is optimally used, while kitchen users maintain a clear overview and enjoy easy access to stored items.

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