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June 21Storage space, Ergonomics
Working from home has become the new normal for many people in recent years. Depending on your job, working from a desk at home comes with different advantages and disadvantages, and it also poses the following key challenge: how do I set up my home office workspace so I can work as effectively as possible? We've put together a wealth of useful tips to help you turn a dreary office corner into a productive workspace in no time at all.

No matter how much or how little space you have for your home office, the trick is to make efficient, clever use of it. Many furniture manufacturers have developed multifunctional solutions, designed to meet all your requirements. Embrace creative use of storage space and be inspired by our suggestions:

1) Find the perfect spot

The working environment at home is usually more multifunctional than a dedicated office. Find a space that is as quiet as possible and try to eliminate any disturbances. This gives you a solid basis for concentrating on your work. Placing your desk next to the rumble of the tumble dryer or overlooking a playground is not such a great idea.

If you want to concentrate on your work, one thing is essential – peace and quiet.

2) Let there be light

Daylight, if possible, is the best option, but a good lamp can also help you concentrate and protect your eyes. If you can't work near to a window, you need to have a source of light positioned to the side with the light directed down at an angle to prevent glare and reflections. It's important to give your eyes regular breaks, especially when staring at a screen for long periods. Look off into the distance, roll your eyes or simply close them for a minute from time to time.

Getting light right protects your eyes. A well-placed lamp can help if there isn't adequate daylight.

3) Think ergonomics

To start with, moving about and changing position regularly helps to prevent strain on your joints and back when working at home. Ensure that your desk provides sufficient storage space and is at the right height. If your budget allows, invest in a desk that can be adjusted to exactly the right height. Your chair is at the right height if your upper and lower legs form a right angle and your feet are flat on the floor. Dynamic backrests adjust to your weight and protect your back.

You can prevent back pain by adjusting your desk correctly.

4) Create enough storage space

Where did you put that outstanding invoice? And where's that pen that keeps going missing? It's hard to remain productive if your desk is piled high with clutter. Nowadays there are attractive and practical alternatives to the classic under-desk drawer units. Office furniture can look like home furniture. Here are a few ideas to suit every budget and space:

For small homes with little space the mobile Office Tower can be just what you need. It provides room for a laptop, office supplies and more while taking up minimal space. As it is on wheels, it becomes a mobile standing desk with all your folders and documents to hand thanks to the integrated drawers.

A multifunctional workstation is the answer for medium-sized spaces. A wall cabinet lift system provides easily accessible storage space, while thicker files can be stored with ease in the tall cabinet with shelves. The practical pull-out shelf is helpful when you're looking for a document in one of the folders above. Drawers with an inner dividing system in the base cabinet are useful for accommodating office materials so they are clearly arranged and close at hand.

Pocket systems are the discreet way to integrate extra space into your living area. If you don't want to dedicate a whole room to office space or don't have enough room, then simply let REVEGO hide all the office furniture behind a large-area front. The double or single door is opened by touch and then slides into the pocket. A single touch again suffices to gently eject doors from the pocket. To close the home office and restore elegance, simply press shut.

Minimalists will love lift systems for wall cabinets and the extra advantages they offer. They exude an effortless aesthetic and create easily accessible storage space – plus, you can move about freely without doors protruding into the room. When the workspace on the desk is no longer needed, you can continue to use the office space as a living space thanks to the flexible AVENTOS lift systems.

If you need to keep certain things for your eyes only, lockable office furniture is a must. Some documents need to be stored safely, especially in households where there are children. Lockable pull-outs prevent your tax returns or other sensitive documents from prying eyes. The CABLOXX locking system can be used for different types and heights of drawer. A pull-out lock prevents free-standing furniture from tipping over, as it's not possible to open several pull-outs at once.

5) Create a feel-good aesthetic

How you feel in your home office affects your productivity, and this shouldn't be underestimated. Design your space for visual impact: hang a nice picture up, put a plant on your desk and ensure there is enough fresh air. Plan sufficient breaks in your workday, stand up and move about from time to time. Having a virtual cup of coffee with your work colleagues can also help you feel refreshed and boost your mood.

All advantages at a glance

  • Make best use of your storage space at home

  • A good workspace is calm and quiet, well-lit and ergonomic

  • Work flexibly in the smallest of spaces with a mobile Office Tower

  • REVEGO, the pocket system by Blum, conceals office clutter

  • AVENTOS lift systems offer unrestricted access and additional storage space

  • Lockable office furniture ensures safe storage of documents

  • Don't forget to take breaks when working from home

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