Practical wall cabinet for glasses and dinnerware

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Wall cabinets are frequently used to store plates, glasses, cups and saucers. Why not equip the cabinets with fronts that lift up and out of the way (not hinged doors) and give yourself easy access to clean dinnerware? And if you position the dishwasher close by, you can reduce the to-ing and fro-ing and make everyday kitchen use easier.


Full freedom of movement

Ever hit your head on an open cabinet door? Well, thanks to lift systems, you no longer have to dodge projecting doors. Wall cabinet fronts glide up and out of the way so you can easily clear away cups, glasses and bowls.

What is more, there is a wide range of wall cabinet solutions to choose from. Depending on the lift system type, you can implement narrow and compact wall units or wide and spacious cabinets with a width of 150 cm or more.

There's motion, and then there's motion


AVENTOS HF is designed for bi-fold wall cabinet fronts. The bi-fold lift system is ideal if there is sufficient space above the wall cabinet.


Fronts equipped with AVENTOS HS swing up and over the cabinet.


With AVENTOS HL, fronts lift up parallel to the cabinet. It is perfect for wall units with cabinets positioned above them.


The AVENTOS HK top stay lift is suitable for small and large wall cabinets. The front simply pivots up.

Variable stop and soft close

No matter which lift system you opt for, they all boast the following features: light and heavy fronts hold in any position desired, have a feather-light glide and close softly and effortlessly with integrated BLUMOTION .


Magical ease of use

Inspiring features enhance conventional kitchen cabinets and deliver maximum convenience. Blum's lift systems can also be combined with the SERVO-​DRIVE electrical motion support system. The cabinet opens automatically with a single touch and closes again at the press of small switch which is within easy reach.


Holistic design concepts

If the design of your kitchen puts a clear focus on horizontal lines, you are guaranteed to find AVENTOS aesthetically pleasing. There is a wide range of lift system types to choose from so you can align wall cabinet gaps with those of base units and create one cohesive look.


All advantages at a glance

  • Wall cabinets provide easy access to dinnerware and glasses

  • Fronts glide up and out of the way (no hitting your head on cabinet doors)

  • Thanks to the variable stop, fronts stay open exactly where you want them to

  • Wall cabinets close softly and effortlessly with BLUMOTION

  • Can be combined with SERVO-DRIVE: Fronts open at a single touch and close at the press of a switch

  • Multiple design options

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