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October 21Storage space, Ergonomics
In the Bechter family of four's home, nothing is left to chance. On the one hand, an individual design is carried throughout all rooms in their home, and on their other, their furniture impresses thanks to its practical functionality.

Finally space in the hallway

Oskar and Daniela Bechter live with their two children Raúl and Elena in their house in Vorarlberg, Austria. The walnut unit catches your eye as soon as you enter the hallway. The Bechter's have managed to store a whole load of things while also keeping things looking inviting and tidy – the built-in hall area is home to jackets, shoes and accessories for the whole family. "My wife had an extra drawer planned that can be fully extended for her huge collection of scarves," Oskar explains and adds with a grin: "It's unfathomable to me why anyone would need so many, but at least with this solution they are neatly stowed away and always within easy reach." The for wooden drawers ensures a feather-light glide and soft closing – no matter how many scarves or even heavier items there are in there. Winter hats, gloves and slippers are kept in the upper part of the cabinet. hinge with integrated soft-close mechanism means cabinet doors close softly and effortlessly. 

"Doors don't slam any more in our home," Oskar tells us. This is made possible by the CLIP top BLUMOTION hinge with integrated soft-close mechanism. Oskar adds: "I certainly wouldn't want to do without that."
Handles just wouldn't have looked right – that's why we opted for an electric support system.Oskar Bechter

A unique wall unit: The parquet floor and furniture fronts in the living room are in perfect visual harmony.

Something extra special in the living room

"Our fitter had the brilliant idea of using the parquet panels we used for the floor as the cabinet fronts as well," explains Oskar Bechter. Handles just wouldn't have looked right, which is why the Bechter's opted for the motion technology. Thanks to this technology, drawers open electrically at a single touch and close softly, carrying the design through to the living room too.

The walnut design element is carried through all rooms of the house – including in the bathroom.

A clever room divider to provide more storage space in the bathroom

"As well as continuing the style element in the bathroom, it was also really important to me to have enough storage space. We achieved this using a clever layout and a room divider," explains Daniela. Each member of the family has their own pull-out in the cabinet under the washbasin: "I have a drawer all to myself," explains son Raúl proudly. This is where he keeps his plastic toys for bath time along with his care products. The practical inner dividing system keeps things tidy, making it easier to find what is needed. Mum's cosmetics, perfumes and medication for the family fit nicely behind the big mirror, keeping them out of the children's reach. The , which of course also comes with an integrated soft-close mechanism, gives you large mirror doors on the outside and inside without any fuss: "It is an elegant solution which fits in perfectly with the design of our house and also provides extra space," concludes Oskar.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Consistent design implementation

  • Matching wooden drawers thanks to TANDEM runner

  • No slamming doors thanks to soft-close CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges

  • SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support system in the living room

  • Customised TANDEMBOX pull-out side panel design

  • Everything within easy reach with the ORGA-LINE inner dividing system 

  • More storage space thanks to room divider in the bathroom

  • Elegant mirrored cabinet with CRISTALLO hinges

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