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Rudi's expectations were high. He wanted to completely revamp his kitchen and include contemporary solutions, a modern design and top quality products. "I investigated the latest kitchen trends and discussed everything with my father-in-law. Together we came up with a possible design for the new kitchen," explains the 64-year-old. His father-in-law was a kitchen maker and that's why the Pfeiffer's old kitchen worked so well for so many years.

Before: After 30 years of use, Rudi's kitchen was rather outdated.

Creating a dream kitchen step by step

The pharmacist did a kitchen test drive to check the suitability of his preliminary design. "You can arrange full sized mobile cabinets to simulate your kitchen layout at Blum's showroom in Dornbirn. So I was able to test drive my new kitchen before the installation," says Rudi. He was also able to try out the functional fittings to his heart's content. "What's more, the Blum staff at the showroom gave me some useful tips which we then incorporated into the design."

A good kitchen has two important roles:

  • It meets the kitchen user's individual requirements.

  • It makes optimum use of the available space.

You should take plenty of time to think about your needs and wishes when you plan your new kitchen.Josefa Kohler – Showroom Adviser

"When buying a new kitchen, you need to consider daily routines, the number of people using the kitchen, who cooks regularly in the kitchen, which things need to be stored and where the dining area is. My tip is to record all the answers in writing and then discuss everything in detail with the kitchen planner," explains Josefa Kohler, an adviser at the Blum showroom in Dornbirn. 

The three planning options:

Plan view version 1: This was Rudi Pfeiffer's favourite layout. The spacious design underlines the modern look of the kitchen and gives him and his wife plenty of space to cook together.

Plan view version 2: The storage space requirement depends on the individual. Depending on cooking and shopping habits, more storage space could have been set aside for Rudi.

Plan view version 3: If the Pfeiffers hadn't had a separate dining room, this design would have turned their kitchen into a communication hub – with a spacious corner bench and dining table.

A look behind the fronts after the makeover

Rudi Pfeiffer opted for the first layout and then asked a trusted cabinet maker to implement the design. Rudi was overjoyed with the result. "I can only recommend it to everyone. A kitchen test drive allows you to actually experience your new kitchen before it is installed, so you can alter the design if necessary. Now we're well equipped for the next 30 years," he says with pride. What clever solutions are concealed behind Rudi's new kitchen fronts and how has he put the storage space available to the best possible use?

In contrast to the old unit with two doors, the new sink cabinet makes better use of the storage space available with a U-shaped pull-out above and a high-sided pull-out below. It's easy to keep things neat and tidy thanks to the matching inner dividing system.

"Nothing slides around, nothing clatters," says Rudi, commenting on his beautifully organised drawers. Knives, forks and spoons are removed and put back again without a sound – thanks to the special soft touch coating of the cutlery insert from the AMBIA-LINE organising system.

It was not uncommon for the pharmacist to have to dodge the cabinet doors projecting into his old kitchen. Installation of the AVENTOS bi-fold lift systems means the fronts now move up and out of his way.

"The elegant pull-outs open with incredible ease even when heavily laden," enthuses Rudi Pfeiffer when asked to comment on his new pull-outs.

Ample space in the larder unit

So spacious. Pharmacist Rudi is obviously familiar with the benefits of pull-out shelving in his pharmacy. The larder unit delivers those benefits and more with inner pull-outs that can be opened individually. The cabinet gives him a completely new feeling of space and provides easy access to provisions. "My very own pull-out larder unit makes me happy every time I use it!" says Rudi Pfeiffer.

Handle-less furniture opens electrically at a single touch

He simply loves the electrical motion support system. "It makes our new handle-less kitchen perfect right down to the last detail. Beautiful and practical – I wouldn't want to do without it."

All highlights at a glance:

  • Always take the individual needs of the kitchen users into consideration when planning the kitchen. 

  • A sink pull-out makes optimum use of the space under the sink.

  • Non-slip inner dividing systems hold and organise kitchen utensils.

  • Stay lift systems ensure the fronts move up and out of the user's way. 

  • Individually opening inner pull-outs ensure easy access to provisions.

  • Handle-less kitchens are beautiful and practical at the same time thanks to motion support systems

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