Micro living experiment: a visit to our test apartment

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Ein Mann mit einer VR-Brille unterhält sich mit einer Frau in einem roten Oberteil
No matter how big a kitchen is, finding clever ways to maximise the available storage space is a must in kitchen planning. Special narrow cabinets turn even the smallest of gaps into storage space – and truly give the kitchen the wow factor. To prove our point, we built cabinets into unexpected places in our test lab and asked a celebrity to find the hidden storage solutions.

The experiment: presenter searches test apartment wearing VR glasses

The lab at Blum requirements research is home to a fully furnished flat measuring just 22 square metres. This is where our experts have set up a fully functional micro apartment. Plans that make clever use of space are especially important in homes as small as this one. Requirements research expert Belinda Gasser wanted to demonstrate just how crucial storage space is, so she set up an experiment. The idea was to send TV presenter Eric Schroth on the search for extraordinary storage space solutions while wearing virtual reality glasses.

Eine Wohnung ohne Decke in der Vogelperspektive, darin stehen ein Mann mit VR-Brille und ein Kameramann

The new role he's been assigned comes as a surprise at first: "I wasn't expecting to be used for an experiment here," the TV presenter from Cologne admits. "But it was really exciting to be guided by Belinda's voice in my ear. Normally, I'm the one who asks the questions or presents the show; it was the other way round today."

The real star: SPACE TWIN

The experiment centred on , Blum's innovative cabinet solution for narrow gaps. This concept uses diagonally offset runners to create extra storage space in gaps that previously went unused.

SPACE TWIN is ideal for storing bottles, chopping boards and spices in the kitchen – and this is also where the solution is used most frequently.

Eine beige Küche mit Kochinsel und einer ausgezogenen schmalen Schranklösung SPACE TWIN

SPACE TWIN in the kitchen – turning gaps into storage space

But you can also get creative by using the narrow cabinet to store books in the living room or conceal a clothes hanging space in the bathroom. This is what we did in our 22-square-metre home, where we adapted the size and inner dividing system of the narrow cabinets to the storage items in the apartment.

Eine Frau in einem roten Oberteil und ein Mann in einer Jeansjacke vor einer Lagerhalle
The intelligent use of storage space makes the apartment look far bigger than it actually is.Eric Schroth on the Blum micro apartment
Moderator Eric Schroth entdeckt den SPACE TWIN als Vorratsschrank

Eric discovers the SPACE TWIN as a larder unit in the kitchen.

Moderator Eric Schroth entdeckt den SPACE TWIN mit Büchern und Magazinen

A SPACE TWIN with books and magazines is hidden in the living room.

Moderator Eric Schroth entdeckt den SPACE TWIN mit ausklappbarem Wäscheständer

The bathroom even has a fold-out drying rack hidden away in the SPACE TWIN.

Fresh insights guaranteed

The experiment was a success. Eric knew Blum products were versatile, but he was still pleasantly surprised: "I've got Blum products in my kitchen at home. I'd heard of the sink pull-out before but it was something else to experience it. The solution for narrow cabinets was completely new to me."

Ein Blick durch eine VR-Brille, ein schmaler Schrank SPACE TWIN wird Orange hervorgehoben

In addition to the wow factor, SPACE TWIN guarantees maximum user convenience with cabinets featuring the electrical opening support system. They seem to open by themselves with just a single touch – and also close softly and effortlessly with , the adaptive soft-close system.

Eric also finds the solution incredibly intuitive and easy to use: "I really like the fact that the narrow cabinets can be fully extended so you can easily access all the contents."

Ein Mann nimmt ein VR-Brille ab, neben ihm sitzt eine Frau auf einem Sofa

Every square centimetre counts

"The aim of our experiment is to create as much storage space as possible using smart solutions and then watch how people respond to the storage ideas we've hidden in the 22-square-metre flat," says the requirements research expert. SPACE TWIN is ideal for this purpose, as Blum's concept for narrow cabinets makes full use of the storage space available in small rooms, turning unused gaps in the kitchen layout into usable space.

The takeaway: the experiment was a complete success

Belinda's takeaway: "Eric did very well. He found almost everything." Eric's verdict is also extremely positive: "It uses every centimetre of space − I think that's brilliant," says Eric, who loves to cook in his spare time.

Ein SPACE TWIN in der Sofalehne

The experiment's crowning glory: a SPACE TWIN in the armrest of the sofa

But the experiment saved the biggest highlight for last. As a final surprise for Eric, Belinda had a custom SPACE TWIN unit built into the presenter's sofa. "I was completely flabbergasted by the narrow cabinet in the armrest of the couch. What a beautiful surprise!" says Eric. "I'm a film buff and that cabinet would be really nice to have when watching films. It would certainly impress guests. It's right at the top of my wish list."

We'll admit that our requirements research department teamed up with an upholsterer and pulled out all the stops to create the special solution – but it goes to show just what you can do with SPACE TWIN and a bit of creativity.

At a glance: storage space with SPACE TWIN

  • Our experiment with Eric Schroth in the micro apartment at Blum requirements research – which measures just 22 square metres – shows that with the right cabinet solution, even the smallest gap can be used as storage space.

  • The SPACE TWIN can be implemented with all Blum box and runner systems as well as with an electrical or mechanical opening support system.

  • The SPACE TWIN can be installed from a width of just 15 centimetres.

  • The SPACE TWIN has a high load bearing capacity of up to 20 kg per cabinet – so you can easily store heavy items such as bottles and baking trays here as well.

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