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Ein Schrank in Form eines U-Auszugs unter der Spüle in der Küche
In many kitchens, the cabinet under the sink resembles a "chamber of horrors" despite being one of the most frequently used areas in the kitchen. This is the place where everything stacks up – from dishwasher tablets and cleaning products to pet food. It's important to make full use of this storage space and to keep it tidy.

Don't waste an inch under the sink

"The mess and wasted space under the sink has bothered me for years," says Amanda Hughes. "Everything that's here is needed here but nothing is neat and tidy. There must be a solution."

Unübersichtlicher Spülenschrank mit einem großen Müllauszug

The mother of two teenagers speaks from experience: "I work during the week and the boys are at school. That's why our dinners and weekends together are so precious," says the 49-year-old.

"Washing up is not my favourite activity. If the things I need are out of reach or stored in an impractical place, I feel even less inclined to do it. And that applies to my whole family," says the ergonomics expert from Blum's showroom in Milton Keynes (UK), north of London, reporting on her everyday routine.

What the concept looks like in practice

Amanda Hughes demonstrates the advantages of drawers in the sink cabinet at the showroom in Milton Keynes. She describes her first-hand experience in her own kitchen and through working with kitchen manufacturers and distributors in the UK.

Organisierter Spülenschrank unter der Spüle in der Farbe weiß

Everything at a glance – order in the sink cabinet

"Blum's sink pull-out is such a clever idea. Everything is beautifully organised and exactly where it's needed," adds Amanda, impressed. The U-shaped pull-out makes full use of the space around the sink and provides easy access to cabinet interiors. Not an inch of storage space is wasted in the kitchen. Frequently used accessories like washing-up liquid, sponges, rubber gloves and bottle brushes are all immediately to hand. Combined with a pull-out that makes disposal and recycling easy, chaos is transformed into order. Regardless of how wide the base cabinet under the sink is.

Ein Auszug in U-Form unter einer Küchenspüle in der Farbe weiß

U-shaped pull-out

Eine Küche mit einem offenen Unterschrank mit Gläsern und anderen Küchenutensilien

High-fronted pull-out

Eine Küche mit einer Spüle darunter zwei offene Unterschränke in der Farbe weiß

Concealed inner drawer

U-shaped pull-out

The U-shaped sink pull-out turns the space around the sink or washbasin into storage space. This pull-out can be used in a cabinet with a width of 80 cm or more. It can hold everything that is frequently used, including sponges, cleaning products and rubber gloves.

High-fronted pull-out

The front of a high sided base unit pull-out conceals waste bins and cleaning products, for example, all of which are clearly organised with a matching separating system. Water filters can also be housed here in a way that is easily accessible – important when they need to be changed.

Concealed inner drawer

If the cabinet for the U-shaped pull-out is not wide enough, an inner drawer is the ideal solution. This can hold dishwasher tablets or bin liners as well as sponges or washing-up brushes, which would otherwise lie on the worktop.

For kitchens and bathrooms

"Of course, the concept doesn't just work in the kitchen but also beneath the washbasin in the bathroom. The same principle applies: everything is exactly where it's needed," says Amanda. "And beauty fans really like the idea of having extra storage space at their fingertips," concludes our expert from England with a knowing wink. Practical inner dividing systems such as AMBIA-LINE or ORGA-LINE also tidy up odds and ends in bathrooms – no matter whether toiletries or other storage items.

Eine Frau mit weißen kurzen Haaren, einer schwarzen Strickjacke, einem weißen T-Shirt und einer blauen Hose sitzt auf der Kante von einem Bad und lächelt in die Kamera

Sink cabinet at a glance

  • The sink cabinet should ideally be considered during the early kitchen planning phase.

  • The size of the base cabinet can be individually adjusted according to personal requirements and the overall size of the kitchen.

  • The combination of high-fronted pull-out and inner drawer turns even narrow cabinets into storage wonders.

  • Inner dividing systems create clarity and hold items securely.

  • A U-shaped pull-out under the sink keeps everything neat and tidy.

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