How to plan the perfect storage space in the bathroom

Dec 2022
  • Important factors that should be clarified before planning begins

  • What makes practical cabinet solutions for the bathroom

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Consider personal requirements

Some people want a luxurious spa, others are satisfied with a tidy room in which to have a quick wash – we're talking about the bathroom, and the requirements placed on this room vary widely. It's therefore essential that planning be carefully tailored to the individual needs of the user.

This doesn't just apply to the choice of fittings and furniture, but begins with the storage space. The issues that need to be considered include:

Ein geöffneter großer Badezimmerhochschrank SPACE TOWER mit ausgezogenen Schubladen
Storage items

Cosmetics and washing products, bath toys and brushes – various items need to be accommodated, depending on who lives here.

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Cabinets and hinges must be of high quality and durable, as they are exposed to moisture and are in regular use.

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Flexible requirements

Bathrooms are used for many years before they are upgraded. So in a place where families live and grow, flexible planning is essential if the space is to satisfy changing requirements.

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How many people are in the bathroom at the same time? Do the occupants shower in the morning, or do they prefer to take a long bath in the evening?

Get results faster with four questions

Before getting started with planning and visiting the cabinet maker or furniture supplier, consider the following questions. The answers will have a decisive influence on the storage space required in the future – and therefore also on the furniture design.

If a household has several bathrooms, consider these questions for each bathroom.Daniela Riedman, Blum ergonomics expert
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1. How big is your household?

The amount of storage space needed in a bathroom depends primarily on the number of people who want to store their items here. Singles and couples need less space for towels and care products than a family with growing children, who have their own specific needs.

So answer the following key questions:

  • How much space is needed for toothbrushes, cosmetics and personal care products?

  • How often will guests be visiting and using the same bathroom?

  • How many towels will need to be stored in the bathroom?

Ein Badezimmer mit Doppelwaschbecken und einem Hochschrank mit Waschmaschine

2. What is in the bathroom?

Bathrooms differ from home to home and from country to country. As such, it is not possible to make a general statement about the ideal bathroom furniture. Are the bathroom and WC separate? Is everything in one room? How many washbasins are there? The sanitary equipment gives a good indication of the storage space required.

The following questions are therefore part of the planning process:

  • What sanitary equipment is in the bathroom, and in what quantity?

  • Are the washing machine and tumble-dryer in the same room? Is additional storage space required for detergents and appliance care products?

  • Where is the WC located? Where should toilet rolls and cleaning products be stored?

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3. How is the bathroom used?

In addition to the number of people in the home, the way they use the bathroom also differs: some spend hours in their "home spa" and therefore need the associated soaps, bath products, jars and creams. Others are content with a speedy care routine in the morning, or have to quickly make room for the next family member.

Relevant questions in this case are:

  • Should the bathroom serve as a welcoming spa retreat or does it only fulfil the function of a washroom on a day-to-day basis? Different storage items need to be planned, depending on the answer to this question.

  • Do children play in the bathroom every day, and do they need bath toys? To what extent are they involved in bathroom routines? And therefore where should their things be stored?

Ein Mann in blauem Bademantel entnimmt etwas aus einer ausgezogenen Schublade eines SPACE TOWER Vorratsschranks im Badezimmer

4. What are the shopping habits of members of the household?

Some try out every new product on the market, others use the body wash until the bottle is empty down to the last drop, while others get everything stocked up once a month: bathroom planning needs to be as varied as shopping habits.

Storage space planning in the bathroom should therefore also take the following into account:

  • How often are new bath, shower and care products purchased?

  • How big is the packaging? Countries have different units of measurement.

  • What about storage?

What next?

Once you have considered all the questions regarding your personal situation and made a note of the answers, you will be well prepared for the next step.

Arrange an appointment with your cabinet maker or the furniture shop of your choice and start planning the details.

At a glance: planning storage space in the bathroom

  • How many people live in the household? Who needs how much space for care products? How often do guests come?

  • What is in the bathroom? Are the shower, washing machine and WC all together in one bathroom or are there separate rooms?

  • How is the bathroom used – as a spa retreat or washroom?

  • What are the household shopping habits – minimalist or keen to try new products? Do the bathroom users stock up on supplies?

  • Well thought-out inner dividing systems make things easier to access and keep everything tidy.

  • Practical cabinet solutions create more storage space.

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