Peel, chop and grate – preparation made easy thanks to the right kitchen cabinet

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The main worktop is the mainstay of your kitchen. It should be centrally located, ideally between the sink and hob and offer sufficient space (tip: around 90 cm is ideal). Having your kitchen utensils, knives and bowls to hand makes prep work that much easier.


Deluxe prep station

Most of the meal preparation is done on the worktop. Knives, vegetable peelers and whisks are within easy reach in a drawer close by. Blum's practical knife holder securely holds up to nine knives of various sizes and keeps them neat and tidy.

Film/foil dispenser for a tangle-free cut

The easy way to wrap food. Blum's dispenser rod ensures effortless dispensing with a perfect tangle-free cut. A foil dispenser is also available from Blum.


Open packs of food always to hand

Containers of flour, sugar, pasta or other ingredients are securely stored in a tidy pull-out with flexible inner dividers so they won't tip over.


Mixing bowls at your fingertips

Colanders, mixing bowls and kitchen scales are all needed on a daily basis to prepare meals. So, a spacious pull-out immediately next to the worktop makes the perfect place to store them.


All advantages at a glance

  • Ideal place for keeping prep utensils – directly under the worktop

  • AMBIA-LINE and ORGA-LINE provide clear visibility and organised interiors

  • The Blum knife holder securely holds up to nine knives

  • Practical Blum film/foil dispenser for cling film and aluminium foil

  • Open foodstuffs won't tip over in the pull-out

  • Mixing bowls are within easy reach

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