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Eine Zeichnung eines Paares, dass in einer Küche steht, welches funkelt
A kitchen is there to be lived in. Good kitchen furniture should meet the requirements of changing phases of life, even in turbulent times. How does that work? An experienced kitchen fills us in.

Once upon a time, I was a modern kitchen. My surfaces no longer gleam like they used to, but when it comes down to the essentials, I can still withstand the challenges that come with the delights of daily cooking. My owners affectionately refer to me as "cosy", and that's exactly what I am. But let me explain what it was like in my younger years...

Zeichnung eines Paares beim Planen ihrer Küche

Planning is everything 

My owners Lea and Markus took a lot of time to plan me. They were still young, but they knew that one day they wanted to have children. Lea always enjoyed cooking and wanted a large kitchen worktop and sufficient storage space for all the kitchen utensils. She made a list of all the things that I should have in my compartments and drawers. Even before I was allowed to move into their home, they had already decided what kitchen accessories would go where. They also planned some storage space in reserve.

Eine Frau steht am Herd und rührt in einem Topf, sie hält ein Baby auf dem Arm während ein kleines Mädchen neben ihr einen Becher aus einem Schrank entnimmt

The family grows

It wasn't long before I was able to enjoy children's laughter every day. Lea was now very glad that I have a spacious larder unit with pull-outs. The large storage space was rapidly filled with baby food, milk powder and much more. As Lea did not work as much any more, we spent many hours together, in which she prepared healthy dishes or put delicious cakes in my oven. A second child didn't take long to arrive. My drawers were often filled and then emptied every day. It's a good thing that quickly brings order back to this horrible chaos.

Eine Frau und ein Mann sitzen am Tisch, eine Frau in einem orangen T-Shirt steht vor einem großen Topf und verteilt Nudeln an die Gäste während im Hintergrund ein Mann einen Tellerhalter hebt

Cooking with friends

When the children were older, Lea and Markus were able to enjoy their regained freedom. They hosted regular dinner parties with their friends, which were pretty wild I can tell you! I was often surprised with new kitchen accessories: barbecue utensils, special knives and even a fondue set! My owners were glad the crockery and cutlery cabinets were so close to the dishwasher. I still remember how often the dishwasher gurgled at night and kept me awake.

Eine schwarze Katze sitzt auf einem geöffnetem Unterschrank mit der Aufschrift blum

Sudden changes

I was 15 years old when my day-to-day kitchen routine was once again turned upside down. Lea and Markus decided that it was time to go their separate ways. It was very quiet here in the house for a long time. Lea went out to restaurants a lot, and the two girls only had volleyball and boys on their minds. However, I still had so much life left in me as my fittings are designed to last for over 200,000 opening and closing cycles. So I knew my time had not yet come. 

Make sure you choose good quality cabinet fittings: the lifespan of a kitchen can be up to 20 years. Pull-outs, doors and lift systems should function perfectly throughout the lifetime of a kitchen.
Ein Mann mit einem orangenen Glas, ein Mann mit einer schwarzen Katze auf seinem Oberschenkel und eine Frau mit einem orangen Glas unterhalten sich in der Küche

Today – 20 years later

Today, I still feel completely contented here in my topsy-turvy home. Lea is now in a relationship with Jakob, a talented cabinet maker. He has moved in here with his son Leopold, so it's chaos every day. Sometimes I think that my drawers and lift systems should be tired. Jakob has tightened a hinge slightly now and then or adjusted a gap layout. But he also thought I was still in good shape! I've got a few more years left before my successor comes along. They know what they have with me.

My five tips at a glance:

  • Plan according to your individual needs: Give your kitchen planner detailed information about your needs and desires. Run through typical situations. 

  • Don't just plan for today: Plan enough storage space to ensure you are well equipped if your family grows.

  • Make it easier to keep things tidy: Consider practical inner dividing systems at the planning stage. This maintains order in the kitchen.

  • Keep distances short: The arrangement of kitchen furniture determines the extent to which you unnecessarily run back and forth in the kitchen.

  • Make sure you choose good quality fittings: Pull-outs, doors and lift systems should function perfectly throughout the lifetime of a kitchen.

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