Sink cabinet with drawers: more storage space and functionality

Dec 2022
  • How existing storage space can be better utilised

  • The difference between a wide and narrow cabinet explained

  • Why having your hands full is no longer a problem

Ein geöffneter U-förmiger Auszug unter einer Spüle

Two doors, one storage compartment – countless disadvantages

In older kitchens in particular, the sink cabinet is fitted with one or two doors, depending on the width. Behind them lies a single large storage space, which is usually used to store kitchen towels, cleaning products and waste bins. In many countries, a water filter is also housed under the sink.

Observations of end users in their kitchens conducted by Blum requirements research around the world quickly brought one clear fact to light: if a waste separation system is installed in the cabinet under the sink, the cabinet will be opened around 30 times a day – often with hands that are full of kitchen waste or wet from washing up.

Ein Spülenschrank mit Tür

This is less than ideal as a great deal of storage space is lost with this solution.

The disadvantages of this layout are clear:

  • waste, cleaning products, sponges and cloths – all this is stored in one space.

  • If the kitchen user is looking for something in the sink cabinet, they have to bend down or kneel on the floor; something that people with restricted mobility sometimes find particularly difficult.

  • To reach items that are further back in the cabinet, users often have to move everything out of the way.

  • It is especially difficult to keep things tidy, because inner dividing systems can't be used –

  • storage space is wasted, especially towards the top of the cabinet.

The more elegant solution: a sink cabinet with drawers

The ergonomics experts at Blum recommend fitting cabinets under the sink with drawers as a simple solution for eliminating these disadvantages. This makes it possible to use the available storage space on several levels and can be implemented for both wide and narrow sink cabinets.

The U-shaped drawer makes use of the space around the sink.

Cleaning utensils are hygienically stored in a well-organised way in the narrow sink cabinet with high-sided pull-out and an inner drawer behind it.

A much better solution can be created using standard components from the , and box systems.

Ein Spülenschrank mit einem großen Auszug mit Müllaufbewahrung
Clarity and quick access

From cleaning products to waste bins: when stored in drawers, everything can be seen at a glance and accessed with ease. Especially when an internal organisation system like AMBIA-LINE or ORGA-LINE separates the interior into individual areas.

Ein breiter Spülenschrank mit drei auszogenen Schubladen
More storage space

Drawers utilise the entire height of the storage space inside the sink cabinet. Instead of just placing everything on the bottom of the cabinet, it's now possible to store things on several, ergonomically more accessible, levels.

Der unterste Auszug unter einer Spüle mit Müllsystem und Reinigungsutensilien befüllt
Ideal for minimalists

Those who prefer a clean look in the kitchen will also find space for large items here: waste bins can be accessed easily, but remain hidden behind the high front.

Eine Küche mit einer geöffneten U-förmigen Schublade unter der Spüle
Particularly practical with wide sink cabinets

A U-shaped pull-out makes the void around the sink available as a whole new storage area. This is wasted space in a sink cabinet with doors – hidden behind a blind front, for example.

How it works in reality

The two examples below illustrate the advantages of a sink cabinet with drawers – in both the wide and narrow versions.

1Wide sink cabinet with handy U-shaped drawer

If the width of the cabinet is between 80 cm and 120 cm, this concept is recommended. The U-shaped pull-out makes optimum use of the available space – everything is within easy reach, meaning there's no need to bend down. This solution is possible with every box and runner system from Blum.

Eine Küche mit einem U-förmigen geöffneten Auszug unter der Spüle
Eine geöffnete unterste Schublade unter einer Spüle mit Müllsystem und Putzutensilien
Eine geöffnete unterste Schublade eines Spülenauszugs mit geöffnetem Innenauszug mit Putzutensilien
Ein Spülenschrank mit drei geöffneten Schubladen

2Narrow sink cabinet with hidden storage space

Small kitchens are often designed with narrow cabinets in widths of 45 cm to 75 cm, while others have wide cabinets, and also very wide sinks. The combination of a floor-level pull-out with a high front and an inner drawer behind it makes it possible to maximise use of the storage space here too:

Eine geöffnete unterste Schublade unter einer Spüle mit Müllsystem und Putzutensilien
Eine geöffnete unterste Schublade eines Spülenauszugs mit geöffnetem Innenauszug mit Putzutensilien

That certain extra

The combination with other Blum solutions gives the (wide or narrow) sink cabinet the finishing touch and unbeatable functionality:

Eine Frau öffnet mit dem Knie den untersten Auszug unter eine Spüle, in ihrer Hand hält sie Orangenschalen
Opening support system

Kitchen users often stand at the sink cabinet with their hands full or wet. With SERVO-DRIVE or TIP-ON BLUMOTION from Blum, briefly touching the front is all it takes – be it with the hip, knee or foot – and the drawer opens.

Eine geöffnete U-förmige Schublade unter eine Spüle in Vogelperspektive
Inner dividing system

Inner dividing systems such as AMBIA-LINE and ORGA-LINE deliver even more organisation and clarity, so that every bottle and sponge has its place and nothing shifts when the drawer is opened.

Sink cabinets with drawers at a glance

  • A sink cabinet with drawer system offers numerous advantages – the storage space is fully utilised. Everything stored inside can be found quickly and accessed with ease.

  • A pull-out with a high front and an additional inner drawer maximise the storage space in wide and narrow sink cabinets.

  • In wide sink cabinets (cabinet width between 80 cm and 120 cm), an additional U-shaped pull-out around the sink opens up new storage space.

  • When combined with an opening support system from Blum, a simple touch opens the drawers.

  • Installing an inner dividing system in the drawers provides additional organisation.

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