Tips and tricks for organising under-sink space 

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Chaos under the kitchen sink. Sounds familiar? The waste bin takes up too much space, cleaning agents and utensils clutter up the cabinet and lots of storage space is wasted. It’s important to make full use of this often-neglected space and tidy up one of the most used areas in the kitchen.

Don’t waste an inch under the sink

“The mess and wasted space under the sink has bothered me for years,” says Blum employee Amanda Hughes. The mother of two teenagers speaks from experience. From experience gained in her own kitchen and through working with kitchen manufacturers and distributors in the UK. “My husband and I work during the week and our two boys are at school. That’s why our dinners and weekends together are so precious,” says the 49-year-old. “No one likes washing up – definitely not by hand. And if the things you need for washing up are either left lying around or aren’t at hand, well, that puts me off completely. And that doesn’t only apply to me, but to the whole family,” says the expert from Blum’s showroom in Milton Keynes, north of London, reporting on her everyday routine.

"Hardly anyone likes washing up, but the mess under the sink makes it even worse."

Everything where it should be in the under-sink unit

“That’s why Blum’s sink pull-out is such a clever idea. Everything is beautifully organised and exactly where it’s needed,” adds Amanda. The U-shaped pull-out makes full use of the space around the sink and provides easy access to cabinet interiors. Not an inch of storage space is wasted in the kitchen. Important accessories like washing-up liquid, sponges, rubber gloves and bottle brushes are all immediately to hand. Combined with a waste separation system that makes disposal and recycling easy, chaos is transformed into order – no matter which application you use in the under-sink unit.


No hands needed thanks to the opening support system

“Your hands are often full, wet or dirty when you want to open the sink unit. This is where the SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system comes in. Simply touch the front with your knee, hip or toe and the pull-out opens by itself. You can easily throw away waste or get out a tea towel,” says Amanda. To close, simply give the cabinet a gentle push. The sink cabinet closes again softly and effortlessly with soft-close BLUMOTION.

For kitchens and bathrooms

“Of course, the solution doesn’t just work in the kitchen but also in the bathroom. The same principle applies: everything is exactly where it’s needed,” says Amanda. “And beauty fans really like the idea of having extra storage space at their fingertips,” concludes our expert from England with a knowing wink. Practical inner dividing systems such as AMBIA-LINE or ORGA-LINE also tidy up odds and ends in bathrooms – no matter whether toiletries or other storage items.


All advantages at a glance

  • Can be implemented with all box and runner systems by Blum

  • Can be combined with an electrical or mechanical opening support system

  • Easy-to-plan standard application

  • Turns small spaces into valuable storage

  • Tidies up under-sink units

  • Can be combined with inner dividing and waste separation systems

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