Ten steps to having enough storage space

Jul 2021
  • Cleverly planned drawers provide additional storage space

  • Embrace creative solutions to create space in unusual spaces

  • Organising systems provide an additional overview

Say goodbye to chaos!

Overflowing cabinets will finally be a thing of the past! A look behind the scenes shows that the more well-thought-out the cabinets are, the more you will be able to ultimately fit in them. These minor optimisations allow you to pack far more into the same footprint. 

1. Close the sides

Pull-outs are always preferable to shelves, as they are ergonomically easier to use since they bring the items out of the cabinet. Make sure the drawers have closed sides and a high back. Items can be stacked without anything falling while still being visible and easy to reach.

2. The deeper the better

The deeper the cabinet, the more storage space is available. Use the complete depth of the cabinet – pull-outs can be implemented up to a depth of 65 centimetres. Make sure that full extensions are used. These are drawers which can be opened completely and ensure that the user can see and reach the entire contents of the drawer. 

3. Width is key

If you have the choice, opt for a few wide drawers over a lot of narrow ones. This frees up space that would otherwise be required for drawer and furniture side panels. The general rule is that the smaller the space, the wider the individual cabinets should be, as fewer cabinets offer more storage space.

4. Consider individual needs

Every household is unique. Storage space requirements are very individual and depend on your personal habits, the size of your household and your lifestyle. Think about what items you need and where you'll need them at the start of your project. Label every drawer on your kitchen plan with what it should contain. Then you won't forget to incorporate a high-sided pull-out for bottles, for example.

5. Magic storage space out of every nook and cranny

Have you got a few centimetres left over? A narrow kitchen cabinet magics up valuable storage space even in even the smallest of gaps – ideal for vinegar and oil bottles, for example. SPACE TWIN is available in widths of 15 to 20 cm.

6. Reinvent the pantry

The SPACE TOWER storage wonder, featuring inner pull-outs that can be opened individually, replaces a pantry and has space for provisions for the whole family. It can be implemented in various widths (from 30 cm through to 120 cm) to meet your requirements. The design of this cabinet also proves useful in lots of other areas of the home – be it in the bathroom, the hallway or the utility room.

7. Embrace creative solutions

Just a few extra inches can work wonders. Declutter your worktop with a clever U-shaped pull-out that makes use of the storage space to the left and right of the sink. It's ideal for storing cleaning bottles, dishwasher tablets and brushes. Obviously, the same applies to the bathroom cabinet.

8. Reach new heights

Why not create additional storage space in the plinth area and also reach the wall cabinets more easily? The plinth solution SPACE STEP combines these benefits and is also a practical step for children so that they can safely and easily help out in the house.

9. Conjure up additional space for small items

Hidden behind high fronts, inner drawers are true storage wonders. You will be delighted with the extra space for all the small utensils that accumulate over the years.

10. Don't give chaos a chance

Once you've created enough storage space, you need to organise interiors and make contents easily accessible. Practical AMBIA-LINE frames and utensil dividers allow you to make full use of your storage space and keep items nice and tidy.

Just a few small changes can often make a big difference. Clever cabinet solutions in particular open up new opportunities to make optimal use of the space available. Keep a lookout for these and ask about them when buying furniture. 

The ten steps at a glance:

  • Close the sides of your drawers

  • The deeper the pull-out, the better

  • Width means added space in the drawers

  • Consider your individual needs when planning

  • Magic storage space out of every nook and cranny

  • Reinvent the pantry with a practical larder unit

  • Embrace creative solutions

  • Reach new heights and make use of the storage space up high

  • Conjure up additional space for small items, e.g. with inner drawers

  • Don't give chaos a chance with a practical inner dividing system

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