Relax and unwind mini retreat

6 minutes

Feldkirch, Austria

Marie and Oliver explore the living area of the 22-square-metre apartment designed by Blum’s Requirement Research Department.


So where’s the bed?

To their amazement, there appears to be no bed! Small spaces like these need creative solutions: the sofa can be turned into a comfortable bed in seconds. The furniture in the combined living and bed room is also full of surprises.


Wardrobe with wow features

The wardrobe with a pull-out clothes rail uses the full depth of the area and is located in the hallway next to the living room. “It’s like a walk-in wardrobe,” jokes Oliver with a twinkle in his eyes, taking in the large quantity of clothes that have been tidily hung away. The clothes pull-out closes softly and effortlessly with soft-close BLUMOTION.


Herb garden included

“This is wonderful,” exclaims Marie as she discovers the pull-out with fresh herbs in the adjacent cabinet. You can grow small plants all year round (without a balcony) thanks to special grow lights.


More storage than expected

The base units and units under the comfortable bench in the television niche are equipped with LEGRABOX pull-outs, some even with inner pull-outs. “Sports equipment, décor items, even extra cushions – it’s all there,” says Marie taken aback. “And the overhead cupboards are a great place to store winter or summer clothes when the time comes to put them away,” she muses.


Hidden mini bar

Oliver sits on the armrest of the sofa and discovers another secret storage space. A pull-out with glasses and drinks opens at a single touch with TIP-ON. The narrow cabinet is on the reverse side of the kitchen and is just a step away from the couch. “I love it!” laughs Oliver out loud and declares that the side of the sofa closest to the drinks pull-out is his.


There are lots more practical solutions to discover but our testers need a short break. The couple agree that they want to use their space just as efficiently when they move to their flat in Berlin.

All advantages at a glance

  • Multifunctional furniture

  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinets maximise storage

  • Deep drawers with inner dividing systems

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