Mini kitchen, big space

8 minutes

Feldkirch, Vorarlberg

At the heart of the micro apartment in Blum’s test lab is the 4-square-metre kitchen that accommodates absolutely everything you need for cooking.


Marie and Oliver have been invited to test the flat. They are amazed. “Wow! There are just a few cabinets but they’ve been organised so well,” says Oliver, assessing the area. “Every drawer has been divided into compartments, now that’s clever,” he enthuses.


Hidden plinth step

They soon find the cabinet for dinnerware. Thanks to the SPACE STEP plinth step, Marie can easily reach the glasses and cups in the high wall cabinet equipped with AVENTOS lift systems. Our Requirement Research expert Belinda watches the couple and is impressed with what she sees: “It’s wonderful to see how the two of them find the hidden step stools and intuitively use them.”


Not an inch wasted

The likeable couple puts the U-shaped sink pull-out to the test. They really like the waste system concealed under the sink. “Peel, chop and get rid of the waste,” says Oliver, showing us how peelings, etc. can be swept off the worktop straight into the bin below.


Clever interiors

Wide pull-outs with AMBIA-LINE inner dividing systems are located between the sink and hob. There is a drawer for cutlery and cooking utensils and a pull-out for spices, bowls and pots. “The interiors are beautifully organised,” says Marie, impressed by what she sees. “By divvying up the space into sections you can combine things that would otherwise be kept in separate places.”


Narrow storage wonder

The tall cabinet with a built-in fridge, oven and dishwasher has been combined with a tall narrow cabinet equipped with SPACE TWIN. The narrow cupboard holds storage containers, bottles, film, foil and lots more. “I’m amazed by the incredible number of hidden storage ideas built into such a small space. I love the narrow cabinets. I hadn’t expected anything like this,” says the 31-year-old, sharing her impressions.


Multifunctional dining area

The compact dining table for two can be extended to comfortably sit four and even offers hidden storage space. “This table is nice and practical for prepping food together,” chips in Oliver, who is a practical thinker. “Each of us has their own worktop space.” There is even storage space for the folding chairs. Marie and Oliver sit back and relax in the sitting area and sum up their experiences.


“Everything’s so easy,” says Marie. “I never thought it, but you quickly get used to the touch-to-open mechanism and the concealed shelves and drawers,” agrees Oliver. “Actually, the kitchen has everything your heart desires,” adds the open-minded IT specialist. “Thanks to all these practical ideas, we’re well equipped for our new apartment in Berlin,” he says, grinning happily.

All advantages at a glance

  • Cabinets right up to the ceiling for more storage

  • Hidden plinth step for easy access

  • Fewer cabinets but with extra width to maximise storage space

  • Complemented by extra narrow cabinets to utilise all available storage space

  • Efficient movement thanks to clever planning

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