Dino Vũ – Vietnamese food blogger and Blum fan

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Dino Vũ is a food blogger from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The passionate chef has turned his hobby into a career by showing his followers how to prepare traditional Vietnamese dishes on numerous social media channels. The 29-year-old's home, which also often doubles up as the set for his cooking videos, is equipped with products from Blum.

It all started with mum's recipes

Not so long ago, Dino Vũ had an office job in marketing and, like many of us, was faced with the daily dilemma of what he should cook for dinner after work. Something tasty but quick and easy to make.

Dino got his first recipes from his mother as a way of easing his homesickness for his home city of Hanoi, which he left for his job. It was when he was making these delicious (ngon) recipes that he discovered his passion for cooking. He began sharing his dishes and how to prepare them on different social media channels. Dino now reaches over 1 million people with his home cooking. His dogs Mochi and Matcha also frequently feature in his postings.


As a food blogger who regularly shares videos of recipes and how to cook them, the kitchen is the heart of Dino's home. When designing his new apartment, it was important to him that the kitchen should not only look good, but also be practical. Now he can enjoy cooking every day and pass on his passion to all of his social media viewers. Dino also loves tech, which is why his first apartment is a smart home.

Special requirements call for especially good planning

When filming his videos, Dino has to cook efficiently, which is why he and his kitchen planner carefully considered his workflows and ensured there would be plenty of storage space. The smart blogger also factored in space for his camera equipment as well as enough freedom of movement around the island.


Sufficient storage space is a must for his recipes and spontaneous filming. The SPACE TOWER larder unit with LEGRABOX pull-​outs gives him access from all three sides and makes it easy for him to hold the right ingredients up to the camera in one easy motion. Even when fully loaded – containing up to 70 kg of items – the inner pull-outs glide out of the unit. There's room for all his provisions inside. “This is my ’mini super market’. I can store lots of food, ingredients and snacks and always have an eye on what I have at home and nothing expires”, as he tells us.


Aiming high with smart solutions

Dino opted for the AVENTOS HF lift system for his overhead cupboards including the dish drying cabinet above the sink. Thanks to the SERVO-​DRIVE electrical opening support system, the lift system opens at a single touch on the front and closes again conveniently using the wireless switch. What's more, everything is within easy reach and Dino can even leave the cabinets open while cooking.


If he ever needs something right at the back of the wall cabinet, Dino has another clever solution at his fingertips: SPACE STEP.This plinth step with a pull-out underneath makes the influencer a few inches taller so he can easily reach everything stored up high. The plinth solution is also installed in the bathroom and bedroom, giving Dino even more storage space.

Background noise is an absolute no-no when Dino is shooting his videos, which is why all the lift systems, drawers and doors in his kitchen close softly and effortlessly – thanks to the BLUMOTION soft-close mechanism.


No corners cut when it comes to the design

Style is important to the fashion lover, so his minimalist kitchen features the SERVO-DRIVE​ electrical motion support system. No handles are necessary; a light touch is all that's needed and the drawers and doors open by themselves. The elegant design of the LEGRABOX drawers reflects the modern look and provides plenty of space for Dino's utensils.

"I was blown away by the clever Blum solutions straightaway. The motion technologies appealed to me in particular: I still love it when my lift systems open automatically, or the drawers close so gently!"

All advantages at a glance

  • Efficient movement thanks to clever planning

  • Sufficient storage space and easy access with SPACE TOWER

  • Full freedom of movement thanks to wall cabinets equipped with AVENTOS

  • Electric opening and closing with SERVO-DRIVE

  • LEGRABOX – elegant drawers, harmonious design

  • Soft closing action with BLUMOTION

  • Handle-less design with TIP-ON

  • Top shelves within easier reach thanks to SPACE STEP

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