Housework in compact spaces

3 minutes

Hoechst, Vorarlberg

Laundry basket, cleaning products, washing machine, brush, vacuum cleaner…it all sounds like a lot of work. Once it's all done and dusted, you need to store it all away out of sight.

Useful storage space

If you haven't got a utility room, it's hard to find room to store large items such as vacuum cleaners or ironing boards. However, this utility room furniture offers space for both bulky items and much more.


The large door can be opened extra wide thanks to CLIP top wide angle hinges.


A vacuum cleaner can be placed on a special SPACE TWIN pull-out which can be fully pulled out of the cabinet, making it incredibly easy to access.


In the recess next to it, there is space for an ironing board as well as a clothes airer for washing.

Reach high with ease

To make optimum use of storage space in a compact space, it makes sense to design ceiling-high furniture. To ensure easy access, there's an integrated step.


This SPACE STEP comes out when the pull-out in the plinth is touched and enables easy access to the upper areas.


Large, light items such as a laundry basket can be stored behind the wall cabinet front.


There is additional storage space for smaller items under the SPACE STEP.

Practical drawers 

Drawers offer the biggest ergonomic advantages for users. They are also an integral part of this utility room furniture. Either hidden behind a door or accessed directly.


The placement of the drawers at eye level keeps laundry and cleaning products out of the reach of children.


Adding a SPACE STEP to the unit makes it easy to access the upper areas.


A high fronted pull-out is ideal for storing a laundry bag. The dirty laundry is already pre-sorted right next to the washing machine so you don't have to make a long trek to and fro between the bathroom and the washing machine.

Make best use of recesses

Don't have a separate utility room? Often a recess is more than enough for housing a space-saving solution.


Storage space is provided above the washing machine for washing powder. The items are to hand yet out of the reach of children.


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