Practical cabinets that suit your lifestyle

4 minutes


Can the location of your kitchen cabinets ensure a smooth, simple flow in your kitchen? Yes they can. This isn't a pipe dream, but it does call for real expertise and a well-thought-out design. We have been analysing people's day-to-day activities, needs and requirements in the kitchen for many years. And we’ve come up with the ideal positions for your cabinets that can deliver full functionality and convenience to every kitchen.


Chopping vegetables, putting away dishes, putting the kettle on – a variety of tasks are carried out every single day in the kitchen. That’s why it makes sense to divide your kitchen cabinets into various zones when planning a new kitchen. Keeping utensils within easy reach, such as the cutting boards on the worktop, makes them easy to access and saves time moving back and forth.

The following cabinets are the perfect choice for your kitchen planning! They make best use of the available storage space, allowing you to see and access your items with ease.

Tip: With the Blum Zone Planner, you can easily define your personal storage space requirements in just a matter of minutes. Then you can be sure that there will be room for all your important utensils in the kitchen.

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